Why do we have to continually pay, as taxpayers for the Bullard Family/Townsend Sins?

Tom Brazil’s commentary is extremely moving.  But what can we do about the situation, currently, but fight for our rights.  What I have noted is that the color of one’s skin plays a large factor in the Black Voting Block, which is a shame; since none of the people they have put in office have done a thing to make their lives better.

It is nice to see that Bryan Johnson of the failed car wash Poh Boys is now hired, most likely as an independent contractor, to mow the birms/swayles. .   Bryan Johnson at one time labled us as “Plantation Owners” who required him to dig a ditch, which Kenny Hutcherson did, with the backhoe.   There are many things I can do, and I did fill in the ditch myself,  but we hired Bryan to assist him and his family, as we did when Trevor passed away by expressing one-day candles, for the candle light service, as well as food for the following week’s remembrance at Tom’s Place.
With me being a northerner and Joe coming from a line of military people, as I did, there would be no way we would not treat people fairly.  But hopefully, with this new Job, Bryan may find it more favorable and we are grateful that the Town thought of him and his family because he scared the heck out of people as did his wife, going door to door telling people they had to wash their cars. So White Springs did good. They hired someone who can now provide for his family.


Yet, we do not have a Public Works Department and we have Ray Vaughn cited as the Road/Streets Department and it appears by hiring an independent contractor for Public Works duties, not much will change.  We can’t seem to change who the Town favors and it is, in my opinion, the reasons for large outlays of the Citizens’ money is so that Rhett Bullard can keep things hidden for his illicit sexual behaviors, his cousin Bobby Townsend’s alleged pedophelia tactics and alleged rapes of various Inmates from the Department of Corrections  as well as children whose parents refused to take them through the court system after he was caught in 1990; but then not listed as a sexual predator.
And, there there is Andrew Greene’s destruction and tampering of the evidence on Townsend, so FDLE could not charge him, which upset many an inmate who suffered the consequences at Townsend’s hand and refused to ever work in White Springs.  As a result we pay Andrew a lot more money than he deserves for the little he does with the very automated systems and for sending samples of water to the laboratory plus he needed to stay on the Fire Department along with his Wife in order to get the additional benefits of an emergency Fire SUV for his personal use, plus credit cards for fuel, maintenance and whatever.


Steve Stith married into a lovely family, the McNeils, who I am certain helped him along the way when he started his life with his beautiful wife.  But he is favored, possibly because of the Sex Parties under his watch at the old Fire Station, which probably got Don in trouble in the first place.  Yet, he feels the need to go after young firefighters like Kevin Pittman, Tom Brazil, and possibly all of the others in an attempt to make them lose their jobs.  What kind of a piece of dirt is he when he doesn’t even have the Firefighter I or Firefighter II credentials?   No one wishes to work under or with him; he’s lied about the number of firefighters we had on the roster who are in the vicinity or who have firefighter credentials and most likely about the two which are in fire college in Ocala; he has taken credit for the Lower Protection Class of 5 from Former Chief Pittman’s exemplary firefighting and drills records, and some of the fire fighters who worked at the time who were not part of the sex parties, had no idea who their chief was, as Stith never showed except for his parties.  That’s because he did not have and possibly couldn’t write such standard operating procedures as are required as well as handling the various drills.  I never realized what a low down scum bag Steve Stith has been throughout the years and now that I know, it makes me sick that I once supported him.  Why are we paying for all of the Bullard/Townsend sins with Taxpayer Money and keeping this scum bag as chief so Andrew Greene remains as Assistant Fire Chief/or Fire marshal with a truck for personal use?

You know, I don’t care what color anyone’s skin is but it surely should bother anyone with common sense why we have to keep using Taxpayer Money for the Bullard and Townsend sins.  Why do you take bribes from Bullard?  Why do you let him buy you off so that he and Tonja get the votes necessary to do nothing for you.  


A prime example was the last election.  Rhett Bullard formulated a strategy whereby Willie Jefferson would again be elected, and for Certain,  Spencer Lofton would be elected…again by the color of their skin.  Then Bullard used Arthur Natteal, who even admitted he didn’t run to be elected, but rather to take votes away from Helen Miller Mainly because, obviously, Walter McKenzie can be handled, since Walter has always gone with the flow until the Helen Miller situation where he saw his own council life expectancy demise.  Fortunately enough of us fought for Helen Miller’s good name and most people know what good she has done for the Children in White Springs…but it was close, by four votes; and you should have seen the depressed expressions when they read that Helen Miller won over Willie Jefferson.


Another factor where Walter McKenzie failed the citizens was at the last meeting where Rhett Bullard was missing.  He could have easily vetoed the fiscal year 2018-2019 budget, so that it would have to be corrected.  But No, only Miller vetoed the budget; thereby it passed three to one.  McKenzie will never do anything for the people but go with the flow.


Many of you talked about Joe and I being plantation owners, but we have given so much more to the people who needed help in White Springs  and never expected anything in return, but like the situation with Helen Miller, never was there a “Thank you”  No we are plantation owners obviously, but it is time some of you realize that the real plantation owners are the ones you support so that they can keep you in line with bribes, fraud, a few beers, some drugs perhaps and kiss your ass goodbye for another year, until it’s voting time.


When have the Bullards invited you to their dinner table?  When have the Bullards paid you more than a decent wage?   When have any of the Bullards considered you like their family, as I thought of Mountain Man Jones who gave me away at my wedding to Joe Griffin?  When have the Bullards lent money to those who had difficulty making it through the month?  When have the Bullards taken young black men to a restaurant and they are shocked because they were told they could have anything on the menu?  When have the Bullards ever treated everyone as equals?    Hell NO!.  They are in it for themselves and would rather use the taxpayer money to pay off others in Bribes and Extortion either side, by reasons of their illicit criminal behaviors.

It should really make you angry White Springs, but instead many of you don’t give a rip about what happens.  If every Black and White Citizen went to a Town Hall meeting at one time so there was standing room only and demanded our sewers be fixed; our roads be fixed; that Stith and Greene be removed from the Fire Department and we hire the old Brotherhood back; etc. the Council would have to listen, not just Miller vetoing everything illicit. You know the problems, and I bet with that many people acting in protest of paying for all the Bullard Relatives and friends Sins, there would be some action.


No one seemed to care about Rhett’s new Boy-Toy who is getting a new excavator because he doesn’t like the Backhoe which only probably had 50 hours on it since it’s purchase; a new truck because he needs to have as much as Andrew Greene and pay for being a street and road guy and he doesn’t know “crap” about streets and roads



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