I have to congratulate those of you who hired Tommie Jones because even though White Springs was considered corrupt before, it is now the laughing stock. Yes, in our quest to secure signatures on petitions for Jeff Sigmeister to be on the ballot, people were commenting and laughing at what White Springs has done. There were even comments like, “you would have thought Rhett was the Mayor” …but oh no, it is “Helen Miller”. Anyway it certainly has placed White Springs on the map As one of the most ridiculous Towns in the area for which everyone is laughing. This would only happen in White Springs and I understand that even some of the council members are scratching their heads not knowing how this happened and are waiting for Helen Miller to return to explain it.

The initial comments from White Springs People were “The Town can’t do that” but they did and the Jasper News confirmed it.

Way to go White Springs!!

Karin for the blog

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