We want a Fire Department Now!!!!

I don’t care if this meeting’s purpose is to interview the CPA from Gainesville. Tomorrow was supposed to be the budget meeting but no one has done anything with the budget.

I believe we, the people have the right to demand our Fire Department and if Stacy Tebo will not ask for Kevin Pittman to come back as our chief since is is qualified then the Council must do something about this. The firefighters work for other fire departments when Tebo disbanded them and they should have the right to be told if White Springs wants them back or if White Springs no longer cares. Stacy Tebo will hold this up as long as she can and frankly we have to do something about it. Why won’t the Council listen to its constituents?

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  1. Did you all hear Tebo’s excuses? Something like “we are here for the budget” To which Mayor Miller explained they need the numbers they have been asking for in order to do the budget. I thought that Mayor Miller’s reply was polite but firm. I think almost anyone else would have lost their cool listening to Tebo’s excuses. Pam was mumbling her replies like she had a mouth full of marbles and Tonja I think just opposed every vote except one just to oppose. I would like to know her reasons for opposing everything. Still Tebo did not explain why she has not done as requested by the council to contact Mr Pittman. The council in effect are who she has to answer to… So why is she not doing the things that are being requested of her by her bosses?

  2. Because she is a no good sorry pile of dog shit who doesn’t give two shits about the people of this town it is just a job for her she dont care if my house burns down she doesn’t care if someone gets hurt because at the end of the day her sorry ass drive back to where ever hole she came from an hides with her little fuck head boy toy who like to write bull shit complaint letters about people when the sorry sack of shit wasn’t even there so thats why she wont do it.

  3. She is specifically ignoring the council.Why because she can, until the council stands together she will continue to do so.At this point it is called insubordination and is punishable. But the council is too weak to stand up to her.And she knows this.So it will go on and she will never contact Pittman.Why because she fears him and his brothers.Because they couldn’t be bought off or cohersed into anything.The council needs to take a page from them and stand united and end this travesty once and for all.

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