We need to be more careful in our choices since we no longer have a Bullard or his cohorts making these poor decisions

This was the beginning of a very sad four years. It seemed strange that Rhett Bullard seemed to be pushing toward Stacy Tebo and when he offered the job to her, I thought it strange that he told her to not use drugs for a couple of weeks because she would have to take a drug test. The reception for her was strange as well. Stacy stayed by herself on one side not getting up to greet people and introducing herself. It was Anita Rivers who made all the efforts to introduce people to Ms. Tebo. And of Course Tebo’s answer was to stab Rivers in the back. Hopefully we will be more careful when hiring a new manager. We need someone that cares about White Springs and has a financial vested interest in this town.

White Springs welcomes new town manager

  • By Paula Thompson paula.thompson@gaflnews.com
  • Oct 2, 2015
Stacy Tebo
Stacy TeboFile Photo


On Thursday, Sept. 24, elected officials and citizens of White Springs welcomed their new town manager, Stacy Tebo, at a reception in town hall.

Tebo is a Florida native and has spent most of her life living in Volusia County. Her education includes an AA degree from Seminole Community College, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Florida, and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Central Florida. As the population and noise levels increased over the years Tebo desired a more quiet, rural place to call home.

“I’ve always preferred working in a small organization because it allows you to be involved in many more aspects of local government,” said Tebo. “The natural beauty of the area was a huge draw for me, and I love the old oaks you seem to find everywhere. I hope I can use my past experience to improve upon the beauty of White Springs.”

Her past experience includes a human resources director stint for the clerk’s office for the city of DeBary from 2005-15, zoning technician for Volusia County Growth and Resource Management Department in 2004 and several other positions within the city of Sanford Planning and Community Development Department from 1996-2000. 

Tebo replaces Bill Lawrence, who resigned last June.

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