You may not know what desperate shape the town is in. People who CAUSED the problem are now asking for more time to solve the problem. Folks, we don’t have it. If all Tommie Jerome Jones is going to do is take his directions from the Council, as in the fire department rebirth, then we have Ben Fry for that.

If what Helen told me yesterday is the truth and the old Fire Chief is coming back, thanks to a discussion he had with TJJ. Ben Fry could of had that discussion and it wouldn’t have cost us $50.00 (2 hours of time). And TJJ is a town employee because we Tax TJJ salary whereas we don’t tax the Attorney’s or the CPA’s salary. No matter how you cut it he is an employee just like Ben Fry. Have Ben Fry do the carrying of the water for the town council and not some Convicted Felon, Drug Addict, Liar, Thief and what ever else he did when he was a child or a young adult. It’s the stuff of lawsuits.

We are in sad shape financially and morally and in whatever other way you can think of. I can’t wait for the Ethics Commission to finally call Stacy, Tonja, Rhett and Andrew on their shit. It couldn’t be any worse having the state take us over. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, WE, the town of White Springs, is incapable of governing ourselves.

As for us being a “RAG” as the Editor of the Rhatt Watch says, so be it. I never promised good journalism only the facts and goings on of our little broke, morally bankrupt and sad little town, as I SEE THEM. You can always tell a Despot because they ask for more time, all of the time. We don’t have six months to try out something new that Ben Fry could do. Quit Hemorrhaging money. Stop believing in PIE IN THE SKY solutions. WE can’t “get out of debt by borrowing more money” And by the way, TJJ has been on the job over a week now. Where is his listing of how much we owe in the next few months and years to get all of the grants we got down the pike. I know, he had a two hour conversation with the old fire chief and spent 15 minutes looking at the house fire. Let BEN do it. We don’t need another HNIC who knows nothing but his criminal and amoral background which he refuses to tell us all about.

The White Springs Journal will be here as long as the Griffin’s are in town. Barring winning the Lotto that will be forever. Get used to it. An average of 800 views per day in the past week tells me we are doing just fine. This “Can’t we all just get along.” bullshit is just that. That is not Democracy but is dictator stuff. The White Springs Journal will not be participating in your efforts to silence us an any way.

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