Walter McKenzie stop your whining about the possible abolishing of the Home Rule. because it is because of Councilors like you that Conservatives like me feel the County or the State should handle the Corrupt White Springs..

I just had an opportunity to read the September 26 & 27, 2018 “Life in White Springs”.
I loved Walter McKenzie’s initial question “Who’s in charge of your town?”.  I would answer “No One”.   Then he goes on with his article stating upset about the State considering being in the business of handling local decisions and he stated that is why we have councils and county commissioners who are elected by the voters.
Walter if you think for a minute you have ever made a good decision in White Springs or you ever changed anything for the better, you have to be kidding the rest of us. And currently, you don’t like the Gang of Three but certainly belonged to a “Gang of Three” yourself.  You are a hypocrite.  I have read volumes of paperwork through Joe’s lawsuits, past meetings and paperwork and I can honestly say, we need the Government in the business of handling White Springs.  It is and always has been a lawless town.
I , for the most part, agree that the Government should not be involved with the Counties because obviously the Commissioners are not corrupt as the councilors of small towns are.  These Town and City Councilors seem to think they know it all and because they always worked for others who told them what to do and never owned a business or were responsible for their worth, they hang onto these council seats by reason of no intellect, just ego.  The White Springs councilors seem to have never had a leadership position in their life where money was required to be handled to the point that there was profitability instead of taking everyone down to the toilet with multiple flushes by idiots that don’t know their head from their asses..


Frankly when the investigation by DOT commences and a conclusion is reached, we will be lucky if anyone within our town will be considered by the State to handle White Springs.  The County could handle White Springs a helleuva lot better that the people we have had in office for decades,  There isn’t a one councilor who has followed the rules whether State, Local or those of the United States.
Hamilton County is our partner; they provide funds for our Fire Department which we no longer have; they increased our Local Option Fuel Tax through an interlocal agreement and what does Rhett and the rest of the council decide…That’s simple, instead of allowing the County to be our partner and for the County to handle the road work and receive some of the funds back for the benefit of all of Hamilton County, the idiots who were voted in in White Springs believe White Springs should handle everything on their own so that the so called officials can hire friends and relatives to get a little money on the side.


Well look at the Potholes Walter and tell me that we can handle ourselves.


And what are you all thinking when you decided NOT to have a viable fire department and put Steve Stith in charge as chief and his sidekick Andrew who is as worthless as …on a boar.  Walter did you fight for our fire department.  Hell No, that may cause problems so that you may be removed as a councilor.  You would rather stick with the Gang and never question what they are really doing to ruin this town.  You, sir, are a waste!


I make no bones about the fact that I am a Republican Conservative and I realize the majority of this town consists of Democrats who don’t care how corrupt the town is and usually will only vote based upon the color of one’s skin and whether they can get a few free things, some money some alcoholic beverages or some drugs for a vote.


Walter, you are a Democrat and as a Democrat, you like the rest of White Springs’ Democrats like free things things; you like the money which grants can provide; you like that there is welfare and medicaid and other benefits for the masses and that Food Stamps are provided.


To Democrats, who now wish socialism, Big Government is what you want and will get.  Why complain about the Home Rule when it’s obvious none of you so called officials have ever been able to run a Town much less your own lives it would appear.


As I have said, I am a Conservative and frankly I would NOT be against the Home Rule except for the fact that in the seven years I have lived here, I find the decisions made by the idiotic councilors voted in by the people, so bad, that something has to change before the officials bankrupt the entire Town.  I have never seen so much corruption in my entire life and I can see why Joe has been so depressed since he has moved here.  And Walter McKenzie, as the longest standing Council Member next to Tonja Brown, I can say neither of you have done a thing to help White Springs…so tell me why the State or the County would not be better in handling the Business of White Springs???


So someone obviously needs to help you because you can’t help yourselves, and that is Government.  The people of White Springs and most Women who are Democrats wish to be taken care of; they wish to have free medical, they wish to have free education, they wish to receive welfare so they don’t have to work or they have children out of wedlock to receive benefits from the government (who are really the taxpayers of this country)  and to have the same rights as everyone else…and they don’t wish to work for it.  Well this is what happens!  If you idiots desire socialism, you soon will get all those free things, but the Government will own you and the Government won’t just stop at the home rule redaction.  It will tell you what type of schooling you need to take, It will tell you who you need to work for, it will control your hours, it will regulate the amount of money you make for your work because they will own all the businesses instead of individuals owning businesses; soon there will be no money because someone has to pay for medical dental schooling and other free things so that even the small amount of money you do make for working for the government will be taxed by 45-65% to pay for the benefits you have or need.


All the larger corporations and businesses who were threatened with high taxes have left the United States as a result leaving only the businesses the Government could take over which probably will be mainly military equipment.  You will not own a home ever because you will not have the opportunity to make as much money as you could under capitalism; you may not afford a vehicle and have to use bicycles; You barely can afford food;  there will be no more vacations for you but you will realize, you asked for it and from hereon in, your children, your children’s children and onward will not have the opportunities that you have had in a free country. But you blew it.  Call Donald Trump an Idiot, will you?  When he is the only one fighting to provide us a good economy, fair trade, and the opportunity to increase our wealth as wealth producers.  Instead you are thinking about socialism and how you can have everyone else foot the bill.  Well it’s like this, sooner or later “you will run out of Other People’s Money”.


So Walter McKenzie you are a main reason that I believe the Home Rule should be abolished and that the County should take us over.  You have no practical experience in anything and you have pissed away money of the Taxpayers as much as Rhett Bullard and his current gang of Thieves.  So stop your whining.  I’m a Conservative and this decision taxes me but there is no other choice and I wish for White Springs to be controlled by the County or the State because the idiots who have been voted in do not have a clue of how to handle money be transparent and follow the laws. And the people who vote for them look toward the color of their skin and what the candidate can give them.
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