Tommie will make a fine Interim Town Manager. After four years of Stacy Tebo Donald Duck would make a fine Town Manager. This article does NOT report anything but the truth. I’m sure Tommie has no skeletons in his closet. He is an honorable man who has the education and is a local resident. He is approachable and honest. As I said, and I said the day I met him, he would make a fine Town Manager, Interim or not.

Now to the bad news. Marv Ray, Robert Townsend as an Interim and then as a permanent Town Manager, Henry Dunn, Bob Farley, Bill Lawrence and now Stacy Tebo. What do each of these people have in common? They we all hired without a Background Check, not even an FDLE check. And we suffered for it.

Marv Ray quit when I filed my first lawsuit because I asked of him what his background as far as legal run-in’s with the law were. He never answered by question but quit the next day. He didn’t go through a Background check prior to being hired.

Robert Townsend was originally hired as a “Turd Chaser”, the assistant to the Sewer and Water Guy. No background check for past run in’s with the law. When his morally deprived actions with a young lad in Clay County came to light he resigned as well he should have. But he resurrected himself from the dead despite events at Columbia County high school with a shower room full of young lads and playing hide the wiener with state prisoners for several months if not years. No background check was done on Townsend.

Henry Dunn was a disaster from the beginning. When I checked his background with his prior employer I found out he was fired for gross incompetence. Yet he became our town manager. He was fired because he condemned Tracy Woodard’s brother-in-law’s two houses on the corner of Mill and Kendrick. He also didn’t go through a background check.

Townsend again. No background check done on his second hire even though everyone on the Council, if not in town, knew he was a self-confessed pedophile and that he had been fired from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office for the very same incident.

Bill Lawrence was the only Town manager that was worth his weight. But still no background check. He could have been another Townsend and we never knew it. He quit because the Council wouldn’t listen to him or his ideas.

Bob Farley, friend of Walters and fired person from Live Oak town manager position. NO background check was done on him. He was hired because he KNEW all of the players in State Agencies that the town has to work with. Tommie doesn’t know any of the players in State Agencies. But he, like Farley, is Walter’s fair haired one.

Stacy Tebo was fired by the city of Debary for gross incompetence and trying to get the Town Manager fired. Because the Town didn’t even call DeBary to check on her fitness for the office she was hired. No background check was done on her either.

And now Tommie Jones. I’m not alleging anything about Tommie but for goodness sake can’t we do a background check on him before we give him the keys to the kingdom? We’ve done such a poor, some would say “piss poor” job, in the past without a background check maybe we should try something new. Our Council has demonstrated that they are a bad judge of character that prudence would suggest a through background check. But the town wants to put the cart in front of the horse again.

Now before you say he is only being hired as an interim look at Townsend’s history. Townsend was hired as an interim and t hen hired as a permanent town manager. 8 years of Moral Turpitude ensued even though the town was aware of his moral short comings.

No Tommie, when hired tomorrow morning, will be our town manager for a good long time. But he needs to go through a BACKGROUND check prior to turning over the town to someone who will have to learn the job as he goes. II fail to see what is wrong with that. Hopefully Tommie is clean as a whistle but how will we know. I for one am tired of the trial by error method of choosing a town manager.

Again I support Tommie for Town Manager and have since the first day I met him. The process is weak to non-existent. Step back, take a breath and hire someone, anyone, who can pass a background check. I fail to see what is wrong with that.

Joe Griffin


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