T. Jones 5/3/2019 

I believe you may have posted protected personal information(PPI) Mr. Griffin. You should have a redacted phone number address. You are exposing this man to unnecessary criticism and jeopardizing his safety with all of this crap. “Concerned Advocate”

Pam sent this from Town Hall as a Public Document and obviously did not feel that this information you consider personal about our Town Manager who actually answers to the Citizens, is protected information. He is the Town Manager as of yesterday and works from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm five days a week at $25 an hour. If anyone’s safety is being jeopardized it is ours because we continually are threatened but believe in what is right – Karin for the blog This is White Springs where everyone knows where everyone lives. If you have a problem with this public record, discuss this with Pam Tomlinson.


TOMMIE J. JONES 10481 1st Street White Springs, Florida 32096 

Tel: 954-662-4249 Fax: 954-674-9751 


ISA IV – APPLICATION SERVICES TEAM MANAGER – TRANSIT IT Broward County Transportation Department, Transit Division 2009 – 2015 Retired 

• Manager of 48 software systems mission critical applications Including Midas BD bus operator scheduling and dispatching, Hastus Giro Daily Vehicle and Daily Crew planning and scheduling, Fleet Facilities Maintenance Asset Management, GPS Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL), and Real Time Bus Passenger Information. Supported six distinct work units within the Transit Division by way of software automation including custom reporting via web services configuration techniques. Also, managed eight (8) Dell PowerEdge Intel Class servers configured as application servers, SQL 2008, and Oracle 11g database servers. Configured servers for various RAID storage virtualizations (e.g. RAID 5, RAID 6). Used strong organizational interdependency awareness skills to accomplish mutually beneficial relationships with Risk Management, the Purchasing Division and the County’s Attorney’s Office. Supervised staff with diverse technical backgrounds to provide long and short term IT strategic solutions aligned with the agency’s long and short term business, organizational, and information technology strategies. Maintained application and project portfolios using Sharepoint technologies. Proactively managed annual support and maintenance agreements for all Transit IT applications 

• Program Manager of 5 federally funded IT projects including the high profile 13.5 million dollar Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) AVL initiative. Responsible for supervising 12 subject matter experts (SME) for all technology installation, software integration, data/ wireless/ radio communications, security, budget tracking, and implementation from conception to planning, during execution, through performance and controlling, and during final acceptance. Responsibility included ensuring deliverables and milestones are achieved in compliance with the negotiated terms documented in the Statement of Work (SOW). Provided project status reports via weekly team meetings and monthly project reports to an executive committee. . Collaborated with Transit and Fleet Services division stakeholders, county’s attorney office, and external stake holders, throughout the entire process from solicitation, shortlisting, demonstrations, rankings, and negotiations for each project. . Utilized various management styles to communicate with unenthusiastic stakeholders to promote participation in mission critical software specifications and requirements analysis meetings. 

• Responsible for managing project kick-off meetings and propagation of internal communications to stake holders regarding user training, risks and issues, project dependencies, escalations, and resolutions on implementation in a 24/7 work environment. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 

T. Jones 5/3/2019 

• Periodically assigned the role of acting IT Manager to cover for vacationing IT Manager in two (2) and sometimes four (4) week intervals. All responsibilities of the IT Manager were conveyed in writing accordingly to validate the temporary assignment. 

Unmistakable proven people skills earned through credibility, character, and competence: responsible for supervising application development, database, and project management staffing resources for the Transit IT section. Resourced staff members with various skill sets to carefully selected job assignments in an effort to align their competences with the identified goals and objectives of the Transit Division. • Hire new staff, schedule jobs, provide guidance, receive feedback, discipline, monitor performance and behavior, and prepare leadership performance reviews (LPR) for each staff member. . Support more than 300 employees through BMC Service Desk Express help desk support ticketing application. Submit proposed fiscal year budgets, participate in application procurement negotiations, write preferred job skills for new hires or contracted hires, approve or deny leave requests. Approve vendor invoices for payment, recommend the purchase of software applications, create vendor remote access policy and procedures, submitted quarterly and semi-annual reports to FEMA’s Payment and Reports System (PARS), request electronic funds drawdown for reimbursement federal grants. 

• Formulated purchase requisitions, RLI(s), RFP(s), coordinate sunshine meetings, participate in contract negotiations, amendments, coordinate software acceptance test procedures with vendors, develop and implement end-user software and systems policies. Coordinate and prepare Agenda items for commissioner meetings using Agenda Quick. • Agency liaison for federally funded IT projects to the league of cities Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and County Commissioners. . Evaluate business application release success based on customer feedback surveys 30 days after a release as well as defects opened and impact related to specific release implementation. 

• Attended quarterly and annual National Transportation Department (NTD) and American Public Transportation Association (APTA) conferences on Information Technologies for the 

Transportation Industry 

Information Systems Analyst III Broward County Transportation Department, Transit Division 2003 – 2009 

• Hired and supervised new staff, scheduled assignments, provided guidance, received feedback, disciplined, monitor performance and behavior, and prepared leadership performance reviews (LPR) for each staff member. 

• Program and Project Management – Fleet, Facilities and Asset Management (AssetWorks) Responsible for the Asset Management implementation for the Transit and Fleet Services Divisions of the Transportation Department. The system incorporated three main components: fleet management, inventory tracking, and facilities maintenance. The system improved shop scheduling, increased reliability of reporting data, allowed for real-time information, and eliminated guesswork from management activities. The asset management 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 

T. Jones 5/3/2019 

system allowed staff to monitor concurrent trends and synchronize problem solving to reduce costs by preventing wasting of resources and scheduling maintenance before assets require significant repair. 

• Utilized Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 9.2 technologies and Java Scripting and Scriptlets (JSP) to create a Worker’s Compensation first notice of injury workflow process computerized reporting system thereby enabling corporate personnel upon being injured on the job, access to complete a mandatory application via an interactive interface attached to a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database server. The system also provides historical reports and metrics by employee name, accident date, type of injury, and injury location. 

• Created reports from any data source via Extracting Transforming & Loading methodology and formatting the same to meet the specific business intelligence requirements. Developed interactive reports with dynamic parameters available to all users via the web, automated distributed emails, or Microsoft Office Documents with Crystal Reports Server XI. 

• Configured group permissions for targeted users, reducing the complexity of security management. As an administrator, created and maintain access levels that were customized for group deployment and security needs. By creating groups of rights that users frequently need, common security levels are set quickly and uniformly. 

Integrated Microsoft Office Professional Suite 2010 documents which are editable and refreshable through the web portal. 

Senior Oracle DBA-Broward County Transportation Department, 1998-Present 

• Install, configure, and apply critical update patches for Oracle 9i, 10g, and 11g enterprise and standard DBMS enterprising software on Linux and Windows platforms. 

• Create Oracle database instances at Windows command prompt with Oracle’s ORADIM utility. Create databases with Oracle Database creation assistant. 

• Employ Oracle’s net configuration assistant or net manager to configure client workstations for database connectivity via tnsnames or EZCONNECT. 

• Administer Oracle’s Enterprise Manager 11g Database Control (Middle Tier) to ensure high availability by configuring Flash Recovery, Recovery Catalogue settings and managing the performance advisors including ADDM, Segment Advisor, Undo Management, SQL Access Advisor, Tuning Advisor, MTTR Advisor, and the Memory Advisor. The human wait hours are decreased significantly when these components are configured accordingly thereby enabling the database system to keep up with the way the speed of business is conducted. 

• Perform application and hardware performance tuning – Optimize Dell Power Edge Servers configured with Windows 2008 Server extending the product’s life cycle performance. Instead of purchasing new servers, but optimizing Oracle table spaces, data files, b restore procedures, the human wait hours were decreased enabling the database system to keep up with the way the speed of business is conducted. Designed, developed, and 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 

T. Jones 5/3/2019 

published backup, restore, and recovery policy. 

• Increased reliability and data availability by moving storage resources from the server to Storage Area Network (SAN). 

Information Systems Analyst II Broward County Transportation Department, Transit Division 1998-2003 

• System Administrator Midas Bidding and Dispatching (Midas BD). Installed, configured, 

supported, and performed all upgrades 

. System Administrator Hastus Giro Planning and Scheduling. Installed, configured, 

supported, and performed all upgrades 

• Use Track-it for annual inventory of computer hardware and software licensing compliance. 

• Deployed and configured new workstations within Microsoft Active Directory (Windows AD). 

Configured, administered, and supported Microsoft Office Professional Suite, Windows XP Pro, and Windows 2000, 

•Configured and supported fast Ethernet 10/100 MBS Network Interface Cards (NIC), network printers and peripherals for Windows AD. 

Special Projects Coordinator | OES. Pompano Beach, FL. 1991-1998 Public supplier of water and wastewater treatment and distribution facilities 

• Designed, developed, and successfully implemented automated computerized management information system to identify, track, and survey more than 6,800 commercial customer service accounts required to retrofit water meters with pollution control devices (Backflow Prevention Assemblies). 

• Supervised two (2) Data Control Clerks to assist with implementation and compliance of the backflow prevention program. 

• Responsible for developing, preparing, and reviewing fiscal operating budget costs for the administering, maintenance, enforcement, personnel hiring, and traveling expenses. Prepared budget forecasts. 

• Drafted revision of Broward County Ordinance 93-23 (Cross Connection Control). Performed public speaking engagements as requested by the public. 

• Developed computerized management information system to electronically track the renewal and expiration dates for 56 above and below ground hazardous materials storage tank facilities regulated by the South Florida Water Management District and the State of Florida. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 

T. Jones 5/3/2019 

Assistant Chief Treatment Plant Operator OES, Pompano Beach, FL, 1982–1991 Public supplier of water and wastewater distribution and treatment facilities 

• Lead treatment plant operator responsible for supervising two (2) plant operators on the 3rd shift 

• Responsible for preparing monthly reports for state regulatory agencies. 

operated water treatment equipment including settling tanks, trickling filters, aeration tanks, vacuum filters, incinerators, sludge flotation units, digesters, diesel engines, and generators; maintains hourly check on equipment to see that it is operating properly. 

• Lubricated equipment and monitored inventory chemicals such as chlorine, lime, flocculent, and diesel fuel. 

• Responsible for ordering replacement parts when necessary. 

• Made hourly chemical analyses on water samples. 

Formal Training Completed courses

• Positive Start Supervisor Leadership Graduate 

Project Management: Time Management 

• Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional 

• Essentials of Red Hat Linux 5 

• Introduction to Application Development 

• Oracle 9i Database Administration course I & II, Oracle University 

• Oracle 11g Database Administration course I & II, Oracle University 

• Business Objects Crystal Report Server XI advance report design and creation 

Introduction to Structured Query language (SQL), Productivity Point, Inc. 

Microsoft Access advance application development, Productivity Point, Inc. 

• Administering and monitoring servers in an Windows AD environment, 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 

T. Jones 5/3/2019 


Education Level: 4 Years College From: 3/1987 Thru 3/1991 Institution: St. Thomas University Location: Miami, FL USA Area of Study: Communication Description: Bachelor of Arts 

Education Level: Graduate School From: 8/1991 To 3/1993 Institution: St. Thomas University Location: Miami, FL USA Area of Study:Public Administration and Management Description: Candidate for Masters of Science with a specialization in Management. 


Years of Experience RDBMS support and design Perform IT administration IT Analysis Install, Configure, and support enterprise software applications Generate automated reports Create reports with Microsoft Access Create MS Excel Spreadsheets Utilize MS Office (Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook) Operate a personal computer Database Administration Technical support – operating systems Technical support – Software applications Crystal Reports Information Systems Administration Support Server Operating Systems Manage Application Automation Projects Object Oriented Programming/application design perform Oracle database administration Utilize TOAD database admin software SQL reporting 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 


  1. I believe you may have posted protected personal information(PPI) Mr. Griffin. You should have a redacted phone number address. You are exposing this man to unnecessary criticism and jeopardizing his safety with all of this crap.

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