Folks, the offenses above rolled-up in 1978- 1979 resulted in one conviction for which I have been granted Level 2 Clemency…with a “Full Pardon” pending in the governor’s office. I have no other felony conviction.

“I have put the past behind me. I am looking forward to the future.” This crap shot will not deter motivation or character. I have done nothing wrong.

I have made some poor decisions in the early years of my life. I understand why, and know how to keep them from happening again.

However, at no time did I lie to anyone about my past. I disclosed a felony conviction for which I am required (not crimes with no adjudication).

No one ever requested a background check of me. Therefore, how could I cover it up. Joe Griffin is focusing on the past. At no time did I lie to Joe. At no time did he ask me about my past so how could I lie? I disclosed the conviction to those who needed to know.

I didn’t seek this manager position. Others insisted I take it. No one is to blame for it. All I was interested in doing was bringing to town up to speed with effective and efficient management. I have proven technical skills and education with no ulterior motives other than performing at a high level regarding the needs of the town.

Ms. Griffin is providing innuendo with regards managing money. Don’t need it.

Helen has done nothing wrong…I will do this job for free already saving 8k annually in the Salary. Please don’t let some slanted views prevent this town from acquiring what it so dearly when it comes to administration and execution of it services to the public. Good Luck!

The third lie is that we never discussed it. We had a five minute conversation on Tuesday when I called him to give a heads up to him about and article I was writing for the Blog about need a BACKGROUND check. Tommie asked “Why now” And I said because it is time. Read the Blog. You sir should tell the truth and fill out your job application. We believe we have proof of first degree misdemeanor CONVICTIONS. Should have told the truth, Tommie


  1. Sir, this is really pedestrian and full of expectations of the worst possible outcome…My response “Why Now?” was in response to you explaining the past experiences with several previous managers and there were never any background checks.

    I said ‘Why Now’ because it came across as a discriminatory racist gesture being there has never been an African American manager to my knowledge. I stand corrected if I am wrong. After you said “because it is time’, I replied ‘OK I think it is too’ knowing fully well, if you had not run the check, you were in the process. Now, how is that a lie?

    Truth to be told on the night I was recommended in the town hall, you tried to make some crazy verbal pact requesting that you and I become “Co-Applicants” for the position. And, I quote you ” Now, you and i can become co-applicants I have all the grants and contracts.”

    I couldn’t believe the statement and I have shared it with several people who need to know.

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