To the Idiot who wrote this comment, Joe did not steal anything!

This is the comment we received  as well as continual comments by people that do not have a clue and that includes Nicole’s   

“Is this anonymous because your gutless or Stolen Valor”

Frankly these kinds of comments are old and there are two reasons we did not fight the charges;  Going to court is very expensive and fighting for the Town already cost us in excess of $40,000, not counting our Civil Rights suit.  Secondly, Joe Griffin receives Military Retirement for his many years of service, and throwing away awards in anger was a mistake in the heat of an argument with his CO.

Speaking of gutless or Stolen Valor, what have you done in your life?

Were you an Aviator bombing the crap out of our enemy in SE Asia?

Were you stationed at Subic Bay?

‘Were you a Helicopter Combat Support Squadron pilot in the Mekong Delta?

 Did you provide combat and logistical air support to military on the ground?

 Did you perform medical evacuations?

 Did you inflict damage and cause enemy casualties? 

Did you have to wake up each morning and give your peace to God, knowing you were in his hands and the probability was that you would not return?

Were you ready to die for your country?  It was never determined that Joe was bi-polar while in the service of our country, but it did make him a better fighter to protect while serving, as it took away his fears of dying so he could save others.

Doesn’t it seem strange that someone who took three tours in SE Asia would not have received awards especially with House Resolution 1228?

Doesn’t it seem strange  that when Joe returned stateside after his tours in SE Asia that   he was deemed a full Lieutenant,  U.S. Navy rather than Naval Reserve; something designated only to naval cadets who graduated?

Doesn’t it seem strange that the Navy would allow him to be a Navy Public Affairs Officer (in front of cameras) if he did not have decorations after his tours were over?

Are you so appreciative of a military past and present that there isn’t a time that you do not thank veterans and military for their service?

Unless you served our country honorably, you have nothing to say. 

Did you have such a high IQ that you barely had to study for any exams taken in high school or college?   We attended a 1965 class reunion in Windermere where Joe graduated in 1966.  His upperclassmen and one instructor told us stories of how in awe they were of Joe with respect to his academic achievements.  He didn’t have to cheat on a test;  He instead helped others.  And he was looked up to by all of his peers.  Were you looked up to by your peers?

I   D I D N ‘ T    T H I N K      S O   ! ! !

White Springs is another world where so many hate each other and probably for good reason because there is no fairness in Government, nor are the Laws followed.  That is why we enjoy getaways to the real world, whether Windermere, Disney, Cruises or other escapes.

Family and Friends know who Joe is and what value he has provided.  We don’t need some idiot who can’t help himself telling either of us who we are.  When he shattered his pelvis and was not expected to live, this Town picked on him and provided hate mail during the 11.5 months he was hospitalized in Nashville.   I wish I had met Joe years ago, but God apparently had another plan. I can’t imagine living my life with someone who is not considerate, one who does no fight for what is right; One who does not love his country and all those who serve it.  You must be very proud to be so ignorant.  And obviously if your son Andrew required medical help or help of any kind to assist him in life, you did not give it to him.

The following also outside positions Joe held after joining the Army Reserves in California:

Professional Profile:

  • Naval Aviator
  • Naval Public Affairs Officer
  • Sales and Marketing – billboards, copy machines and typesetting equipment
  • Stockbroker – Paine Webber and Bache
  • Insurance Annuity Sales – John Hancock (Top Annuities Salesperson in the Nation)
  • Seminary Graduate
  • Long Haul Truck Driver
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Operator
  • Paralegal Student


  • BS Chemistry – Nuclear Concentration – FTU Orlando (Now University of Central Florida UCF)
  • MA Aeronautical Engineering – Taken while at Flight School , Pensacola  FL
  • MA Education – Pepperdine University
  • AA Graphic Arts Design – Academy of Arts College, San Francisco, CA
  • Chartered Life Underwriter (Post Grad)
  • Chartered Financial Consultant (Post Grad)
  • MA in Theology – Emory University, Atlanta GA and Southern Christian University, Montgomery, AL
  • Paralegal Student – Santa Fe College, Gainesville FL  (currently)

This is the last time I will take the time to address your stupid comments.


Karin for the blog

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