This is to you Walter. It is time you did what is best for the people not for your political aspirations

This is what I hate about typical politicians and that is probably why I am a deplorable and proud to be one.

The councilperson who is an A typical politician in White Springs is Walter McKenzie. One week he can condemn the actions of someone like Steve Stith and say he would have fired him had he not quit; and in the next meeting Tebo never followed the dictates of the Council by contacting Kevin Pittman but rather had a new fire chief and former Chief Stith indicating that he will be a volunteer. That apparently was okay with Walter which is highly Hypocritical. He should have said “No” ‘”No” and “No” and requested Ms. Tebo to contact Mr. Pittman at that meeting. No instead he tells the young man Proctor what requests have not been answered and here we go again with Stith as a volunteer. You do not have to kiss everyone’s derrière .

You have condemned we the Griffins for saying exactly how it is or how we feel, which is a bit Trumpian. You say that we may have good ideas but no one will listen to them because we are so vile. Well Walter, whether we are vile or not, you have done everything in your power to the detriment of the people to do the exact opposite of what we the Griffins have suggested. We the Griffins have a far superior education to yours as well as having vast experience in the business world. We in most cases know the best course of action to take and frankly with you kissing everyone’s derrière’s you are not doing what is right for the people

It is time that you stuck to your initial convictions and what some of the rest of the council wish as well as providing protection and safety for your constituents. Get this fire department thing handled and stick to your guns regarding Tebo. We realize you have probably never supervised anyone and do not know how to handle these matters, but we have a great attorney if you get into trouble and it is time you did what is best for everyone not just for your political aspirations.

Karin for the blog .

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