This is the REAL reason Tebo resigned

Everyone can say there was pressure or that she was insolent and that she blamed everyone for her own mistakes, that it was because of Anita or Helen or because of the blog but this reason is bigger than all of us.

The Appellate Court sent the “Retaliation” portion of Stacy Tebo’s case against DeBary back to the District Court. In order to make a determination of whether Ms. Tebo was retaliated against, the case will go to a jury to make a determination.

Since Ms. Tebo would not budge to do anything she was asked by this council, it was not anticipated that Spencer Lofton would leave his seat on the Council, so by bringing any individual that was not one of her friends who remained ignorant and lied for her, meant that the council would have the four votes to eliminate her position.

Right now Stacy Tebo can contend what a big bad man her former Manager Parrott was and cry and plea to the jury that she was damaged by the mean people at DeBary, with the Jury not realizing how damaging this Ms. Tebo is on her own. If, before her court date, she was fired for cause by White Springs, it would show that she may be the problem rather than Dan Parrott or the Town of DeBary. Therefore by Ms. Tebo giving notice to White Springs, she is hoping to secure the acting award of her life to get as large of a jury settlement possible from the City of DeBary without any mention of her evil dealings in White Springs. In fact her attorney may have forewarned her not to get fired but to give notice in White Springs, least they lose their case against DeBary..

All I have to say is that DeBary needs to stick together and get a good defense together because this evil woman doesn’t deserve a dime of DeBary’s money and they should have fired her long before they did but apparently Dan Parrot was a kind man who liked to work things out.

DeBary, you need anything from White Springs, all you need to do is ask.

Karin for the blog

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