The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 539

Today is Thursday, October 17th, Day 539 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.

This past April 25th was the last day for the Ratt as a Councilmember. About a year earlier, he lost Rhatt Pack gang member Suckup Willie. Just last Month Rhatt Pack gang member, the illegal alien “Mini-Me Despot Idi Amin Dada’ Lofty Despondent that his antics and aberrant behavior no longer were tolerated with the Rhatt Pack out of power resigned in disgrace. And today, the Ratt’s “Out of Towner” Lapdog “Just keep paying me” Tebow, who resigned on the 9th of this month, tormented the Town for her very last day. After four years of Rhatt Pack incompetence, corruption, and all manner of overt destruction of White Springs finances, infrastructure and morale, the Rhatt Pack nightmare has come to an end.

One would think that the Jasper News might recognize this momentous event with an appropriate story about the end of the Rhatt Pack’s reign of terror. There was a time, a very long time ago, when the Jasper News had good management and great reporters who knew the local history and would investigate the facts prior to writing and putting forth a story. But NO, the Jasper News did exactly the opposite. However, what can you expect from the Jasper News. Some time ago, they started compromising their journalistic integrity with financial influence from the Red Face Ratt. You know it’s always been with the Bullard clan – just buy your way out of anything and everything. And that includes factual newsworthy items about the Red Face Ratt’s pedophilia, his looting of the White Springs treasury, his destruction of White Springs infrastructure and his assemblage of the Rhatt Pack goon squad. Somehow, none of these facts matter at the Jasper News.

Are you aware that the Jasper News doesn’t have the foggiest notion about the expertise, experience, integrity and qualities needed to be a great or even a good reporter. For instance, any good reporter focuses on reporting news, not making news. However, Jasper News Reporter Kara Compo is more concerned with being part of making the news rather than reporting on the news. Go to almost any Municipal, County or State event she’s sent to cover and she’ll spend more time injecting her two cents rather than reporting on the event. It’s inappropriate to be a reporter and activist at the same event. Also, Compo is unfamiliar with the history of events in Hamilton County and she appears to be either too lazy or too incompetent to search out the facts leading to a newsworthy event.

Take the recent resignations of White Springs Council member Lofton and Town Manager Tebo. Had Compo been familiar with or investigated Lofton’s resignation diatribe of false and grossly inflated claims, she would have known the following: The HOPE program for which Lofton claimed so much credit was established by Dr. Helen Miller; later elected Mayor. Miller raised the funding and sought the volunteers who made the program a success. Lofton wasn’t responsible for raising a single penny to support the HOPE program. He was an employee, nothing more. In fact, it was Lofton’s incompetence and negligence that caused the Department of Education to terminate the after school portion of the HOPE program with the resulting annual loss of a quarter million dollars a year to the HOPE program. And Lofton didn’t mentor a single student enrolled in the after school program. And, the athletic facilities, Tom Moore, now Councilman Moore, single-handedly raised the funds and oversaw the construction of the facilities and then taught all of the classes. Lofton had absolutely no role.

Or how about Tebo’s resignation diatribe. If Compo had spent a single minute investigating, she would have realized that Tebo was the disgruntled employee. She might also have learned when Anita Rivers, now Councilwoman Rivers, questioned problems with the Utility software, Tebo’s mismanagement of Fire Department staffing and equipment and her illegal use of drugs at work, Tebo falsified charges against Rivers and fired her. Since Rivers was able to find alternate employment, Tebo got her sexual playmate, a High Springs Police Officer to call River’s employer and make false accusations, to which he has admitted this to his employer. By the way, Tebo had her sex playmate make similar calls to employers of anybody and everybody, including most of White Springs’ volunteer firefighters who made the slightest criticism of her on her activities.

And then there’s Tebo’s illicit financial mischief. Tebo illegally fabricated time sheets for three years for an employee who did not and could not work. This embezzlement amounted to over two hundred thousand dollars. When this issue was called to the attention of the Town Council, Tebo and the Ratt Pack fabricated a number of charges and then the Rhatt Pack forfeited Miller’s seat in a Kangaroo Court Trial. At the time, even the Jasper News recognized the nature of the Kangaroo Court, but apparently Compo didn’t bother to investigate anything. The Kangaroo Curt didn’t fool any of White Springs’ residents , they re-elected Miller to the Town Council at the next election. If Compo had paid attention at any White Springs Council meetings, she would have known that Miller continually raised the issue of mismanagement and illegal spending of Local Option Fuel Tax revenues. A simple phone call to the County or the Department of Revenue would have verified Miller’s position, but that was too much to ask of Compo. Had Compo made that phone call, she would have learned that Tebo mismanaged and illegally spent three quarters of a million of LOFT dollars.

So the reality is simple. Garbage in; Garbage out. If it’s the reporting by Kara Compo and the Jasper News, it isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

The Red Face Ratt is Gone. His Rhatt Pack is disgraced and seriously degraded and the citizens of White Springs are slowly retaking control of their Town and rebuilding its infrastructure. It’s Day 539 and the Red Face Ratt doesn’t show his face around Town anymore. The Rhatt Pack Watch continues.

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