The RHATT Pack Watch Day 180

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 180


Today is Monday, October 22nd, Day 180 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.

The Red-face Ratt and his Lapdog “just keep paying me” Tebow, with the full support of the “Gang of Three members Mindless “Splain it to me” Tanja and Suck-up Idi Amin Dada Mini Me Despot” Lofty are up to their shenanigans again.  As you know, since the Ratt came to power and installed his flunkies, he’s been wasting, misusing or outright stealing all of the Local Optin fuel Tax (LOFT) revenues. During the past three years, that amounted to over $510,000.


According to the State,, White Springs can expect to receive an additional $210,738, or more this year.  Since the White Springs Fiscal Year 2018-2019 budget indicates not a single penny of the LOFT revenues will be spent as required by Florida Statute on the building and operation of roads and streets, the Ratt once again has gotten creative about how he will deprive you of the benefit of these funds…..that is, your funds


The Ratt has instructed his Lapdog to retain as many cronies of the “Gang of Three” members, on a bloated White Springs payroll, as possible.  He has ordered this whether any of the “Cousins” and “Cronies” are qualified for a position or not.  This is not a new approach for the Ratt.  It’s just an expansion of what the Ratt has been ordering for years.  Look where he picked up his Lapdog.  According to her termination letter from the DeBary City Manager, Dan Parrott, DeBary wanted to be rid of her due to numerous violations of their personnel policies, including inattention to duty, failing to obey proper directives made and given by a supervisor, inducing or attempting to induce any officer or employee of the City to commit an unlawful act, insubordination, incompetence, neglect of duty and obligations of her position, willful violation of departmental regulations, refusal to abide by any lawful official regulation or order and a whole host of additional transgressions and violations.
Or just look at White Springs Fire Chief, disgraced “Cousin Steve.  He’s been terminated by White Springs twice previously, basically for running a sex and drug social club out of the old Fire Station.  Just ask “Cousin” Don.   Oh, you’ll have to do an inmate search with one of the 598 jails and prisons, stick with 171 State Prisons and then take a drive.  Don’s got one of those orange jump suits that come with a free bed and board.  But that’s the kind of person the Ratt wants running things in White Springs.
Or, how about  “Cousin ” Andrew?  He’ ran the Fire Station brothel for “Cousin” Steve when Cuz couldn’t be present.  Now “Cousin” Andrew’s responsibility for the Town’s water supply, but won’t drink it because it isn’t potable.  And he’s the Fie Marshall, a position for which he has zero qualifications.  Again, of course, the Ratt just had one of his favorite dealers installed, at your expense, in the Town payroll in Town Hall with a Town vehicle and credit cards.  So what’s next?


This time, the Ratt went to one of the not-elected members of the proposed “Gang of Five”.  Voters wouldn’t put “Cousin” Arthur in office, so the Ratt puts him or one of his family on the payroll.  The Ratt noticed there was a vacancy for Code Enforcement.  Never mind  that White Springs doesn’t have any of the required infrastructure to address code enforcement as required by the Town Charter and Florida Statute, Title XXXII- Regulation of Professions and Occupations, Chapter 468, Miscellaneous Professions and Occupations, Section 609 – Regulations of this Part, standards for certification, additional categories of certification.  But now, White Springs is paying for an unqualified,non-certified, non-credentialed “Gang of Five” family member for Code Enforcement. This is just another issue that needs the attention of the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000).


Avoid Code Enforcement by Cousins or “Cronies” of the Ratt.  It’s Day 180 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack watch continues.

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