The RHATT Pack Watch  Day 172

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 172



Today is Sunday, October 14, Day 172 of the Rhatt Pack Watch


What a week in the Town of White Springs
It is time you looked out for what the future brings
Walter McKenzie we believed is neutered by the cousins
Constantly looking over his shoulder to make certain Unfaithful Coker doesn’t send a summons


His fear is so out of hand for her threat to report him for bribery
That we feel he soon will be kissing the Ratt’s ring which is irie
Poor McKenzie has never stood up for anything on his own in all the years of his office
Except for finally sticking up for Councilwoman Miller and then, even then he is utmost cautious


It is important for him to be on the Town Council no matter what he has to do to stay there
And Now that means, he must walk on eggshells to make certain he does not get in the “Gang’s ” hair
No it is the end of MKenzie standing up for one person at last
Since he at one time was one of the “Gang of Three” in the past


That Gang consisted of Mckenzie, McKire and Hardwick
And they too were consistent in choosing the laws they only decided to pick
So alas, the McKenzie has been neutered and set side
And for now must eat his pride


For once he treated others as he is now being treated
And it is difficult for him to adjust to the fact he is no longer viable and surely will be defeated
You see, it’s been the Rhatt’s and the Cousins Plan all along
To work with those who only agree with any plan they choose in spite of it being wrong


So McKenzie decides to not attend the Chamber of Commerce Banquet and Annual Event
For which the Ratt gladly found two others to take his place with the “Gang’s”consent
White Springs annually secures a Table at the Event for much  more money than you and I would have to spend.
And the Red-face Ratt, His Lapdog “Just keep paying me”Tebow, Mindless “Splain it to Me”Tanja and the Mayor Suck-Up Despot Lofty definitely would prefer a friend


So who do they bring in to be part of this fabulous event, huh”?
Well, the answer is simple, “Cousins”  Arthur Natea and his paramour Shanduh?
Since “Cousins”Arthur and Shanduh usually crash parties since they are seldom invited
This must have been a change to have the Ratt and the “Gang of Three” paying for their meals at the Town’s expense and I am certain they were delighted


But wait there is more, Guess who our new “Code Enforcement Officer will be?
Well, without the appropriate education and no government experience, you see
Like all of the Cousins of the Red-face Ratt say “Us Cousin’s gotta stick together”
And the Ratt’s Lapdog has hired “Cousin” Shanduh  no matter how ignorant the “Gang of Three” are altogether.


Not a one will be able to figure out what is really good for the Town
And if you’re hated, I’m certain you will be next one to be taken down.


The Red-face Ratt, his Lapdog  and the Cousins will find a way to fine you for a violation of the Land Development Regulations
Even though there is no reasoning for those foundations


And since everything is based on the color of one’s skin and you are “White”
Expect the worse to come since the Despot Lofty and Mindles Tanja will surely use what they have to make certain you will have no right


For the Town will continue to crumble under the hands of the Red-face Ratt exploitation
 and surely there will be no end to the corruption until White Springs suffers total damnation


Beware of the Red-face Ratt’s Code Enforcement Officer.  And if Councilman McKenzie has kissed the Ring of the Ratt, council woman Miller will need all the help she can get. It is time you become involved and attend meetings.  It is time that you tell the Council what you want rather than the Council telling you what you will get.   You need to contact the FBI at (904) 248-7000 regarding drugs, bribes, embezzlement, fraud, pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia, nepotism, retaliation or any other corrupt activities.


Don’t let the Red-face Rat intimidate you. Stay informed and let the Rhatt and the “Cousins” know you are displeased with what they are doing to White Springs.   It’s Day 172 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!

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