The RHATT Pack Watch Day 171

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 171


Today is Saturday, October 13th, Day 171 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Two of the Watch’s cast were spotted quietly dining at Fat Belly’s earlier this past week.  Renown Hollywood Actor, Director and Comedian Steve Buscemi, with his wife, Jo Andras;  also a well known Filmmaker, Choreographer, and Artist, renown Actress Sara Douglas, and their personal assistants stopped by Fat Belly’s for a quick bite to eat, while visiting the region to familiarize themselves with local color culture and customs.


The group lodged at Lake City hotels and dined at local restaurants throughout the region during their low-key, but nearly week-long visit.  They spent a day each in White Springs, Live Oak and Lake City with subsequent touring of the greater Hamilton, Suwannee and Columbia Counties region.  Reports indicate they made quick visits to most of the natural and other attractions throughout the region, participated in a short float down the Suwannee, and generally gathered information which would be useful for the characters they would be playing as well as the locations and situations they anticipated would be involved.


The RHATT Watch reached out to Ran Howard and Rod Reiner.  Their spokeswoman indicated that booth have been finalizing the legal framework for the series.  It will be produced under Imegine Entertainment, Howard’s production company, and directed by Reiner.     Normally associated with Castle Rock, a subsidiary of Time Warner.  Reiner had to work out a variety of complex legal issues to undertake the role of director.


In addition, Howard and Reiner have been busy working with studio executives, production organizations, series writers and casting experts who have been retained and/or are being recruited for the “Watch” series.  Howard and Reiner want to shoot as much of the series as possible on location, but have concluded they need in studio sets in California also.


Howard is in discussions with FOX, where he produces “Empire” about the possibility of acquiring additional production studio space.  She went on to say, that Howard and Reiner were in talks with Chris Silber, Gary Glasberg, Nicole Mirante-Matthews, Frank Cardea and several other writers about creating the pilot and several episodes for the “Watch”.


In addition, they have been busy finalizing the cast principals.  Buscemi was their first and only choice to play the Red-face Ratt.  Although they strongly had wanted to cast Sally Struthers as the Ratt’s Lapdog, failing health forced them to expand their cast search and they believe they have reached a tentative agreement with Douglas to undertake that role.  Both Buscemi and Douglas are accomplished Actors who have excelled in similar roles in the past and both Howard and Reiner believe they are excellent choices for the “Watch”.  While they have narrowed the list for the “Gang of Three” members Mindless and Suck-up, they have not finalized their choices.


In case you missed them White Springs, the spokeswoman indicated that Howard and Reiner were planning to stream principal cast and crew through the region on a regular basis.  They are still considering their options for “on location” scenes and related production demands.  Reiner believes, it’s the only way to fully capture the local color, culture and customs, particularly the Ratt’s involvement with drugs, bribes, embezzlement, fraud, pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia, nepotism, retaliation or any other corrupt activities.  And, they want to develop a relationship with the special agents at the FBI office in Jacksonville *904) 248-7000 as many of the “Cousins” have.


Avoid being caught on tape near the Ratt.  It’s Day 171 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhattt Pack Watch continues!


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