The RHATT Pack Watch Day 165

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 165



Today is Sunday, October 7th, Day 165 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.

What Happens in Las Vegas,  Stays in Las Vegas!
But what Happens in White Springs is known by the masses as verbally contagious


White Springs is not only quite possibly the most corrupt Town in the Nation
But quite possibly may hold a higher title of “Sin City” for its total damnation


Vegas has it’s brothels as well as prostitutes on the strip
But Vegas has nothing on us with the McKire Brothel and using Dollar General as the “Strip”
Multiple cars may be seen at the Dollar General at specific times in the night
While Women of the oldest profession anxiously await the next John to give them their monetary and sexual passage rite
Although we do not have actual casinos, boxing and concerts or some of Vegas’s sights
We have poker and other sexual games with high stakes in illegal  Dog Fights


Because of the strict laws and enforcement, having sex with juveniles in Vegas would be chancy
But In White Springs, Our dear Ratt can perform sex on anything which moves or has his fancy
There are no laws which apply to the Ratt , his many “cousins” and devotees
And the Gang of Three especially you dare not displease


The White Springs’ police are not allowed by the Rhatt  to actually fight crime
And picking up speeders and traffic violations are their only past-time
Where Vegas has their share of Sicilian and Italian Mafia
White Springs should be so proud to have their own “Gay” Mafia


In both White Springs and Las Vegas, we similarly have some of the most corrupt politicians
But White Springs uses bribery and fraud to fix the ballot box positions


While Drugs run ramped on the White Springs Streets
Vegas doesn’t care who you are if you are on drugs and will even arrest O.J. and athletes


But where White Springs is going very very wrong, is its handling of our non-existent Fire Department
We have a do-nothing Chief and a do-nothing fire marshal who can’t fight fires nor explain if one was arson
We now know that it takes forty-five minutes for an immediate response;
which will leave any house or property in despair while our Chief and Marshal are nonchalant.


People can shoot each other and stab each other in the streets
And it will be hidden from any law enforcement sheets


But according to the Gang of Three, members Mindless “Splain it to me” Tanja, Suck-up “Idi Amin Dada Despot Mini Me” Lofty and the Rhatt himself
White Springs is Heaven on Earth as long as local law enforcement and the citizens keep to one’s self.


It is time to fight for your rights and tell the Ratt and his “Gang of Three” plus his Lapdog “Just keep paying me” Tebow  that you no longer want to tolerate all of the illicit crimes.  If you feel uncomfortable speaking to local Law Enforcement or the Sheriff’s office, both of which have been neutered, call the FBI office at (904) 248-7000.  The Feds will know what to do to assist you and quite possibly, corruption will end in White Springs someday, because you chose to help.


There are others who aware of drugs, bribes, embezzlement, fraud, pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia, nepotism, retaliation and other inappropriate activities which the Feds would love to hear about.  And it’s time you stood up and fought for your rights to a peaceful, prosperous, and happy White Springs for you and your children.


Avoid the Corruption of White Springs.  It’s Day 165 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!









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