The RHATT Pack Watch Day 164

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 164


Today is Saturday, October 6th, Day 164 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


For the past several weeks, the Feds have been working with Amazon to test and calibrate Amazon’s Neutrino DNA detector / analyzer with its recently developed DNA database.


As you may recall, the Feds wanted to develop a DNA database for all of Hamilton, Columbia and Suwannee Counties, but with a primary, but not exclusive, focus on White Springs.  You know, everything is Red-face Ratt related.  The Feds began by compiling an accurate list by households of all known inhabitants, both permanent and guests.  Then they spent about two months collecting DNA samples from discarded refuse.This was not an easy task.  More often than not, the Feds would end up with multiple samples for one, or even more, but not all individuals were present at a particular address.


In addition, numerous relatives are located in close proximity to one another, often visiting each other and leaving DNA behind that confused the sample collection.  However, by a painstaking process of collecting, testing and comparing data for each residence, the Feds were able to compile a database of individual DNA neutrino signatures specific to each residence and each person living or visiting there.


With a fairly comprehensive DNA neutrino database in hand, the next step for the Feds was a joint project to undertake a series of calibration steps and a thorough test of the system for identification and tracking.  Apparently, the results of this testing has exceeded the Feds; expectation.  While the Feds have been able to validate much of the results directly, there are a few instances where additional information wold be helpful.  Therefore, the Feds plan to undertake a mailing to a select number of individuals, asking for their assistance with their specific time and location data to finalize calibration parameters.  They are hoping that a high percentage of those contacted will return the forms with the requested information.


At present, Am,azon has about a dozen satellites in SSW – NNE elliptical polar orbits, each with a Neutrino DNA detector / analyzer on board.  Thile this allows for 24/7 locating and tracking for package delivery purposes, it does leave short gaps in the coverage.


Since it appears the Feds are extremely happy with the results of their testing so far, but would like to see the coverage without any gaps, as a National Security issue Congress provided funding in the recently passed Defense Department budget to facilitate the network’s expansion.


Amazon, SpaceX and the Feds are working to increase the number of satellites both in SSW – NNE elliptical polar orbits as well as several circular geostationary satellites to ensure comprehensive, gap-less 24/7 coverage suitable for minute by minute tracking of any individual anywhere in the North American, and most other regions of the world.  Apparently Amazon and SpaceX will be responsible for twenty percent of the costs and the Defense Department will pay the rest.  All parties will be able to use the technology as appropriate; but with a priority granted for National Security and other law enforcement needs.


Looks like the Ratt’s wiggle room is decreasing day by day.  With or without the White Springs Police of the Hamilton County Sheriff, the Feds will know when and where the Ratt is hiding, which “Cousins” or “Young Fondlings” are with him, which suppliers are making deliveries, and they may even be able to discern a Neutrino signature for what’s being delivered.


Just think about what this may do to eliminate corruption, including drugs, bribes, embezzlement, fraud, pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia, nepotism, retaliation, or any other inappropriate activity in and around White Springs.  If you can help, call the FBI office in Jacksonville 904) 248-7000.


Avoid being tracked with the Ratt.  It’s Day 164 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!

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