The RHATT Pack Watch Day 160

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 160


Today is Tuesday, October 2nd, Day 160 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Apparently the “Cousins” have been a lot more active in Jacksonville than previously has been known.  According to a source close to the Feds, documents, pictures, audio and video recordings, and other materials have been finding their way to their Jacksonville facilities at an unprecedented rate.


You will recall, back in the middle of May, the Ratt Pack Watch reported that the Feds had been seen in White Springs, loading documents and other materials into their vehicles.  All of these materials wee transported to Jacksonville for processing.  At that time, it was unknown who was providing the documents and other materials to the Feds, but it appears most or all of them came from one, or more, of the Red-face Ratt’s “Cousins”.


A knowledgeable source has told the “Watch” that all of the materials obtained during the May pickup were used successfully in subsequent activities.  At the time, it seemed unlikely this pickup would be the end of the Fed’s activities in and around White Springs.  Even today, no one is certain how much material was gathered and just how valuable it has been since then or what influence it may have in the future.  However, it’s now clear the Feds have maintained their interest in the “Cousins” in White Springs and throughout Hamilton, Columbia and Suwannee Counties.  Apparently similar activities in southern Georgia have been referred to Atlanta.


Information from this source, indicates the documents and materials have been rolling into the Feds on a steady basis.  Apparently, while the Feds have been sorting and organizing these materials, they have determined the materials cover a far broader spectrum of topics and activities than the Jacksonville’ facilities can accommodate. Some materials have been retained locally and some have been forwarded to other facilities with additional processing capabilities.
At the current time, all that is known is the “Cousins” are the primary, but not the exclusive, source of documents and materials.  It’s not known how these materials are getting to Jacksonville.  The “Watch” has been unable to determine whether the “Cousins” are transporting these materials to Jacksonville or whether the Feds are picking them up.  In either event, apparently the  Feds have received mountains of valuable information.  Indications are the Feds are prepared to use any, or all of this information when and where needed.


Let this be a “Head’s Up” Cousins!  Individuals on the inside of the “Cousin’s Clan” have been and are being extremely helpful to the Feds in Jacksonville.  It’s a pretty good bet, they are doing this because they want something of value in return from the Feds.   It’s also pretty safe to say, if you’re not the one doing the talking, then you are probably the one being talked about.  You know what that means.


If you picked up a pile of dirt on your boots with the Ratt or one of the other “Cousins” at some point in time, well the Feds are going to learn about it sooner or later.  If they learn about it from one of the other “Cousins” well that probably means you get to pay the piper.  On the other hand, if you get to the Feds first, you probably can cut a pretty good deal.  Think about it, but don’t wait too long.


By the sounds of things, if you know about or have been involved in drugs, bribes, embezzlement, fraud, pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia, nepotism, retaliation or any other corrupt activity, the clock is ticking.  Since the White Springs’ Police Department and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office appear to have been neutered and be in the same cesspool as the rest of the criminals, call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.  It’s probably the only place left for a fair deal.


Be vigilant of inquisitive “Cousins” and the Ratt.  It’s Day 160 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch  continues!

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