The issues to be handled at the October 8th meeting


Stacy Tebo seems to have complied with all of the Council’s requests with the exception of the Local Option Fuel Tax Restricted Fund. Neither Ms. Tebo nor Ms. Brown seem to understand what “Restricted” mean. Tebo said that she could place the word “Restricted” next to the streets and roads income and expenses, so Mayor Helen Miller again had to explain that such LOFT funds require a separate account as the Enterprise Fund and the General Fund.

Regarding the Enterprise Account (Sewer and Water) 100% of Ray Vaughn’s salary and 100% of Yvonne Bryant’s salary moved under the Enterprise account as well as 25% of Curtis Johnson’s salary since he is responsible for reading all the meters.

Ben Fry’s salary in it’s entirety moved into Street and Roads and 75% of Curtis’ salary moved into street and roads. All other payroll is within the General Fund but not LOFT funds.

I do not believe for a minute that it takes 100% of Ray Vaughn’s time to handle the sewer and water job. We need to have our council set something up so they see what each of these employees do hour upon hour. I rather doubt if there is any efficiency. And just think, the excavator was purchased from LOFT funds because our attorneys don’t know how to read the law and it was because Ray Vaughn requested that piece of equipment which would readily clean ditches.

Well even though all of us complained, Woody Woodard stated that he has only seen that piece of equipment move twice and that the Town should sell it off. Everyone seemed to agree. And since that money was taken from the LOFT account….and Stacy mentioned only 50% was taken from LOFT in spite of what the budget said, it can be checked, that is if Pam did anything to show where money is spent from. She lumps everything in the she said he said General Fund and no one has a clue and no clue is available. The saving grace however is the fact that the budget was in writing and submitted to the state so if something is being said separate of what is written, the written figures are to be taken.

Although the LOFT fund for FY 2018-2019 shows $193,851 paid which was short of what was projected, after all invoices are paid, then that amount will be moved to the Restrictive Loft Fund.

Since Mayor Miller has made it clear that Municipal Taxes are not part of the Enterprise Income. Stacy Tebo continues to state Municipal Tax Collected and Pledge is through a bond covenant….and that she cannot get three months of cash flow but rather two as compared to the 1.5 months of cash flow. Ms. Tebo indicated that Ken Daniels did not count the SBA reserve of $57,978.21 which is in a separate account for better interest. Therefore the loan reserve was not counted.

When I was calculating how broke we were, I did not use Special Events which to me are subjective revenue areas. Nothing is guaranteed and if one counts on it we can go backwards. But Stacy indicated she reducte the $9,320 figure to $3,629. Travel for Council Members has been reduced from $5,000 to $500. Of course, she never tried reducing her salary which frankly she does not deserve for her insubordination and lack of performing her duties.

Audit and Accounting was increased from $11,000 to $15,000 since that seemed to be one of the auditors proposed requirement.

Joe Griffin questioned the salary of the planner, Stacy Tebo’s friend Ms. Estes. After a discussion of her missing two months, Mrs. Woody Woodard indicated that she, Ms. Estes, is fixing the errors the town has had since 1998 and she gave Ms. Estes great praise. Walter McKenzie said sometimes when one brings in a friend, many people question if it is for the right reasons and if anything is being accomplished. However, he believes in Mrs. Woodard’s statements since Mrs. Woodard spends multiple hours of her own on the Planning committee’s behalf. As she said, even if Ms. Estes missed two months, work is continually being done. Although the Council agreed to keep our planner, Stacy Tebo said the planner was told there would be an increase this year over the $950 a month she is currently being paid. No one responded.

Ms. Tebo also brought forth Attorney Meagan Logan’s invoices basically stating that we cannot afford her. Poor Ms. Tebo, the one we cannot afford is her and where was that “There is no cap on legal expenses, as long as those legal expenses are mine?” Nevertheless, Ms. Tebo stated that the invoices submitted will be deducted from the 2018-2019 fiscal year. As an FYI The Commission on ethics did meet with Ms. Tebo relating to the complaints made against her so we will see specifically what will be done on the Greene situation. Can’t wait. Greene should go to jail for hiding evidence. The commission also met with the Trailer Park regarding the Davis code enforcement issue and Brown’s demands.

The Police Department Budget was reduced from $212,231 to $209,031. The Fire Department salary was also decreased because it doesn’t involve Steve Stith and what are we going to do if Ms. Tebo demands Greene and Greene remain. It ain’t going to be pretty.

Ms. Tebo was given a new evaluation form which will be used in lieu of the weak evaluation the Town now provides. She was asked to provide a copy to each council member (all four) to evaluate. It was agreed that the form would be e-mailed to each of the councilors to complete before the Tuesday meeting.

Ms. Tebo advise the council they had no right to evaluate her performance now because she has an anniversary of September per her contract (which she has breached so many times). Yet Ms. Tebo started in September and has been here for four years so she should be evaluated. The fight will go on and Tebo intends to win. If it had not been for the Gang of Three, Ms. Tebo could have been fired during the time no contract existed from September until December because technically she was an “At Will” employee. I wonder how much dirt Bullard has on Tebo so that she is fearful to do anything the council suggested. Dirt probably goes two ways.

What I did notice is Spencer Lofton as happy as a clam. Perhaps his move and retirement from the council makes him free of Rhett Bullard.

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