The Hot Shot who said Miller should be removed obviously follows BLM

The hot shot at Saturday evening’s meeting is Sylvester Warren III, a Citizen Activist, who wishes Helen Miller Removed. Obviously, from the Lake City Reporter, this man has some radical BLM ideas. Where there are ongoing Black issues, this man appears so obviously this situation with Tommie Jones is being construed as a racist problem which it is not. It’s a “Dummy” problem of one who is ignorant and vindictive.

OUR OPINION: Keep police funding right where it is
By News Staff on Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The social justice warriors who always have something to say at City Council meetings have gone too far with their suggestion to defund the Lake City Police Department.

The suggestion was made by a local activist Sylvester Warren on Monday night and it is ludicrous.

Mr. Warren is an active voice for the black community in Lake City. He is eloquent and generally respectful when he addresses the council. We support his First Amendment right to petition the government in this way.
Mr. Warren has proven he has the ear of the city manager and council, and they listen when he speaks. But this idea is a disaster that needs to be discarded immediately.

In our opinion, the Lake City Police Department should NOT be defunded in order to shift any line-item revenue to increase social-program spending in any part of our community. We need strong police protection everywhere in Lake City, with expert-level training throughout and fast response times to emergency calls.
There is poverty in this town and there are social needs. These may indeed yield criminal outcomes, but you fund and improve social programs through other public channels or from private groups and non-profits better suited to the task.

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