The elements of Bribery do not make it so Tommie. It’s time you read a law book.

Since it appears it has to do with Joe suggesting a co-manager situation that is constituting Tommie Jone’s charge of bribery, I decided to provide you with the elements of bribery.

Bribing a public official thus requires proof of five essential elements: (1) a public official; (2) the defendant’s corrupt intent; (3) a benefit-“anything of value”-given, offered, or promised to the public official; (4) a relationship between the thing of value and some official act (or fraud or omission of duty);  5. With the requisite connection to an official act;

Now let’s look at this logically. When Joe spoke with Tommie it was to assist him in areas he was not certain Tommie was aware of and Joe did not intend to be in that position long…only to help Tommie until Tommie was on his feet. Tommie could have just told him, I don’t need you Joe but no he would rather talk and make fun of Joe behind Joe’s back. But back to the elements:

Unless Helen Miller hired Tommie prior to the council vote, Tommie was not a public official when Joe and I spoke to him briefly. Joe’s intent was not corrupt but rather one in which he wished to help Tommie and if Tommie did not wish for Joe to help him, he could of told Joe “I can handle it myself” and then I too would not have offered my accounting and finance abilities for free. Joe had nothing of value to offer Tommie; nor was that Joe’s intent. It isn’t as if Joe was bribing him with money or property so so far three of these elements do not fit. Obviously then there was no relationship between the thing of value which did not exist and some official act which Joe did not ask Tommie to do and of course Tommie was not a public official at that time to our knowledge and the purpose was not for fraud but to assist the Town. And there was no requisite connection to the act. So Tommie quit your pseudo lawyer-ing and you can tell Anonymous the same thing. We barely have spoken to you other than telling you about meetings and hoping that you would step up to the plate and contact the Council so you could be our Town Manager. And even your background would have not affected the situation had you been honest but even now you are saying we Bribed you and that is a blatant lie, Tommie. It shows that a Leopard’s Spots cannot be changed and that you are who you are Tommie, just in a different setting.

This is just like your relative Be Faithful who told Walter McKenzie that he bribed her because he asked whether if the council did something if she would drop the charges made against them. However, Walter made this comment as a public official and when Be Faithful made a complaint to the Ethics Commission, she lost.

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  1. Good God people just stop already give the man a break he has got to be better then tebo. So what he has a past everyone has a past. So what he might have lied everyone has lied in there life. Just stop already give the man a chance he is only temporary he might do great for the town or he may fall flat but we are not stuck with him like we where with stacy. Back off let the man do the job lets see what he does i mean hell he has not even been in office for a full week yet. Just stop joe you may have some great ideas but you are not the manager so your ideas an opinion is just that yours.

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