The Council MUST keep their word about hiring Pittman and the Crew

The White Springs Town Council never chose Mr. Preuter to be their fire chief. Although Stacy Tebo is the Manager, the council was clear that they wished Kevin Pittman and the brotherhood we previously had. We cannot have the type of Fire Department Greene, Stith and now Preuter alone are providing. We in White Springs want our old Fire Chief and Firefighters back so we can feel as though we are safe again. So whatever we do we need to keep The Fire Department on the Agenda; demote Preuter and hire Kevin Pittman. That is what White Springs needs and wants and furthermore it is what the Council requested and voted on and we in White Springs expect the council to keep their word in spite of Stacy Tebo being the Top Dog….or is it Tommie Jones? And we understand Mr. Jones asked Pittman to come back.

Karin Griffin

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