Tell Councilor McKenzie to get off his duff and to fight for our Fire Department. He doesn’t listen to me so perhaps you may have better luck.

You will recall a couple of months back, I had taken each of the e-mails which the former firefighters had sent for publication on the blog AND SENT THEM TO WALTER MCKENZIE.  I realize they were anonymous, but I felt since Walter McKenzie was fighting for Dr. Miller, he might just fight for the fire department.
Boy was I wrong.  He never mentioned a thing but read some suggestions by Tom Moore, none of which related to our lack of a Fire Department BUT MORE TO BEAUTIFICATION.  There will be no need for beautification if the Town burns down.
I believe it is time for each of you to write to Walter McKenzie, including your friends, families and neighbors.  It is time he got off his butt and stood for what is right.   I am certain Dr. Miller would fight for our department as well, but it is time Walter took a stand on something.
If you feel a petition is better, I’ll be one of the first to sign because the lack of a Fire Department is certainly a serious matter to me.  And 45 minutes to show up for a fallen tree is ridiculous.  And all Stith has done to get a Protection Class 5 is to steal Kevin Pittman’s thunder.
Chief Stith must have something on Rhett because why else would a good firefighter be let go and Stith be placed in that position.  If I could not do the job; or if I was a horrible supervisor; and if all I could do to stay on a job was lie, I’d have to leave for certain.  But Stith apparently does not have a conscience no morals so what can we do.
I do believe my blog posts are bothering him and he is at each  meeting daring not to look my way but with a face as red if not even more nearly red than Rhetts.
It is time Walter McKenzie did something.  He is the longest standing council member and because he values his position so much, he has not even showed a ripple of a wave until Dr. Miller got in trouble.
Anyway email Walter McKenzie and tell him to work for you instead of working for others and not doing what is necessary.
Karin for the blog

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