Tebo doesn’t deserve winning her retaliation case against DeBary

Although Tebo lost her gender discrimination case, the retaliation portion is still up in arms with the Appallette court sending this portion back to the district court. There definitely is a problem with the law. Examples of retaliation include demoting, giving poor evaluations, disciplining, reassigning, reducing pay, or even firing an employee.

When an employee has deserved demotions, poor evaluations disciplining and firing….mind you DeBary did not reduce her pay, the courts should not take the easy out and say, it’s retaliation. I believe DeBary hung on to Stacy Tebo for as long as it could and she did more damage causing good employees to leave that ever providing good.

Now we in White Springs have the same problem. She has virtually taken our Town down the financial hell hole and needed to be fired a long time ago, but because of certain councilors like Rhett Bullard and Spencer Lofton as well a Tonja Brown, that could not happen and look where we are now.

I hope some smart attorney finally brings a case where retaliation is not so easily decided especially when you have an insubordinate employee like Tebo.

Karin for the blog

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