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Subject: Support Brazil
To: Joe Griffin <>

I support Fire Fighter Thomas Brazil. I say screw Steve Stith as a matter of a fact I am holding a rally tomorrow at 3pm. We are starting at Stith’s house 16373 Diamond St White Springs, FL 32096 from there were driving to  121 SW Morning Golry Dr. Lake City, FL. 32024 to Fire Marshall Greene’s house and if we feel like we might even goto Tampa to see if the WSFD vehicle is parked at  8106 Hampton Glen Dr. Tampa, FL 33647-3556.  just to let know people know that it’s not cool when you call people’s job and try and get them fired.  My advice to Brazil is maybe you should have got Stith to sign your marriage license like he did for Fire Marshall Greene. When we were all at the Royal Wedding



Thank you to who ever this is. We will fix our town together its time to change make white springs great again.  — Tom Brazil


It Was Proton Firefighter who wrote this and he or she seems to watch over the entire brotherhood, Tom.

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