Still Confused

Still Confused…we have a Town Manager who is not leaving until November 8th and we have another Temporary Town Manager for a period of six months who has already started and works from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm Monday to Friday. Who does Staff respond to? Who has the right to order staff or others to do something? Who does Staff come to with their problems? This is really a mess in my opinion….Two Managers….and who does one listen to? Mayor Miller directed the admin and neither Manager????

A perfectly good solution would be to pay Stacy Tebo through November 8th and allow her to go back to her home. Why have two managers since it is obvious Tommie Jones is the one the council voted on unanimously. Stacy could be doing better things with her time since by hiring Tommie so early it is stating you no longer wish her services..

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