Stick this in your pipe and smoke it

Mr. Brazil; When Stacy Tebo gave her notice, that meant she would be leaving her position November 8th. It would not matter who we had as a manager and Tommie Jerome Jones I am certain is not the only person who could talk to Kevin Pittman. We could have had a roaming ranger from the Florida League of Cities once we found out we had a problem with the background check. You are saying right now, the most important part of the job is Computerization and water and sewer? I think not; there are many more things and if Tommie Jones wouldn’t lie so much he might be an okay person but anyone that makes statements about us which are not true will not have our respect and you need to have been in our shoes to have understood that.

The fact is that most of the inmates who have Class C licenses in Sewer and Water get them in Prison. We know he was in prison so why am I considered a bad person for mentioning that. Joe talked to Tommie alot including at our home and Tommie kept saying that he was going to take the test and could do it rapidly….but it was years ago when he handled the Job and we had been hearing it from him for months….. and we started not to believe him….so the answer was…he did it so long ago and didn’t want the job anymore and probably got his license through the prisons since he dropped the licensing. What is wrong with that statement. I think the program is great and it keeps some inmates safe from other fights and groups. He was in Prison for two years and two months wasn’t he?

I am sorry that you feel the way you all do. I am tired of playing all of these political games. Kevin could have been hired when Helen took over…. not a year later. She needed to get everyone else on board. I did research. You did research. and it all came from viable sources proving we did not have a fire department so don’t give me your sad song sticking up for a bunch of councilors who obviously didn’t care if someone’s house burn’t down or didn’t believe the former firefighters. That is wrong.. That should have been enough for the council to have acted more expediently. We knew what the problems were for four years so Spencer Lofton or not, with three logical strong minded council members, Kevin could have been hired a year ago, so don’t give me this government moves slower and slower business. It doesn’t work with me. Did anyone ever ask Stacy about Andrew Greene, Stith and Why Kevin Pittman really was not hired. If she could not do something she should have been suspended.

Karin for the blog

P.S. Weren’t you the one who told me we should wait another month and see what Preuter does? Well we can see what he has done with the recent house burning.

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