3 Replies to “Stand up Citizen calls out Born and Raised

  1. Call me out makes me laugh. Lets see what I have Big Mouth! I sit back in the shadows who am I? I investigate quietly so no need to reference names everything I have is video and photography! Your so called old fire department members are nothing more than bullies. Not all but a group of 4. One stalks as far as using his county job in another county not once but several times while on county equipment take photos of a current members home(Documented and video) same member stalked a current member after leaving a council meeting and cussed at that current member (Video) That same one consistently followed current members gave them the finger and swerved his vehicle into the current members lane (Video). Your old chief that was called to the carpet. He didn’t fight anything he walked out! Do your homework and you’ll know why I did! Let him come back (Documentation) I have! Who am I? Plenty more but I’m stingy!

    1. Well dang, sounds like you, BornandRaised is the true stalker. Talk about violating privacy rights, do you follow this one particular member that often? Sounds like unrequited love to me. You mention 4 bullies but only refer to one. Someone has a serious crush! The old chief walked out because the smear campaign was immature and ridiculous. I did my homework and as a professional I respect what the man did by walking out. What the town council did was totally unprofessional and handled poorly.

  2. No J.G. AKA BornandRaised you have nothing evident of any crime, if so you would have already been to the State Attorney. I have not stalked anyone. If you have any video please make sure it is complete and post it, dare you. It was not me who called my employer and made ficticious complaints attempting to cause me problems at work. It was not me who drove a WS Fire SUV to Tampa & Jasper for a family visits. It was not me who when the little boy and his wife could not pass Fire 1 they had to get a friend in Gainesville to sign off for them and didn’t complete the training with the rest of the WSFD. Yes the former firfighers and myself are the problem not little BooBoo he has done such a great job for WS and WSFD since we left.

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