Stacy to correct the budget to the following which were voted on…but will she?

After the Special meeting was called to order Mayor Miller requested an item of old business, Fire Protection be added to the October Meeting agenda and a new item relating to the harassment by Stacy Tebo’s lover of Anita Rivers.

  • The ending balance in Roads and Streets must go into a restrictive fund account.   If any salaries are paid through the Local Option Fuel Tax  restrictive fund there must be justification of what was done.
  • The Cash Reserves must be increased from 1.5 months to three months.
  • Code Enforcement will remain at one day a week.
  • Mayor Miller indicated that $28,100 of the enterprise revenue consists of the 10% tax levy on sewer and water so as a result that amount could be moved to the General Fund.  
  • Joe’s budget had suggested a cap of $50,000 on money taken out of the Enterprise Account and moved over to the General Fund and last night it was decided by the Council that there would be a cap of $50,000 that could be moved from the Enterprise account.   The 10% tax will be part of the $50,000 cap and not in addition.

Initially the fire department was discussed and the $100 per firefighter for the weekends, which previously was $75.00 .  What was initially forgotten by the council is that if we have Kevin Pittman back as our Fire Chief, our budget of $10,000 received from Hamilton County will increase to $30,000.  That is because his brotherhood takes the matter seriously.   I was shut down twice because they felt I was bringing up something other than budget items but I finally was able to make this fight.

It is up to Ms. Tebo to include all of the aforementioned changes to the budget for tonight’s meeting, however whether she will or not will be the question.

I have never seen so much anger on Ms. Tebo’s face and pure insolence .  At one time when she addressed Mayor Miller, I could see Attorney Meagan Logan pull back in disbelief.   As much hate as Ms. Tebo has for Helen Miller, it concerns me that she may try to hurt not only Miller but those who surround her.   I do not believe Ms. Tebo is quite all there and if she snaps it could be disasterous to may of us.  But yet, Ms. Tebo will not do her job or follow the directions of the Council feeling she is so superior which she is not.

Poor Tonja Brown is lost without a pal who she can follow since Spencer gave his notice.  The Local Option Fuel Tax Funds have been discussed and discussed as well as the fact that general salaries may not be taken from these restrictive funds. Brown doesn’t understand why a restrictive fund needs to be set up…but then again, neither does Pam Tomlinson.   Then Ms. Brown decided to take after Miller and McKenzie as to why they had not done this years ago, instead of it just changing now.  Years ago, we did not have those kinds of funds..they were probably less than $25,000 and have been high since Stacy and Rhett Bullard were in play.  But Walter McKenzie was quite gracious and explained to Ms. Brown that he was not familiar with the laws then and just has become familiarized in the last few years.  Of course Rhett Bullard and Spencer Lofton would not have allowed for a restrictive fund so McKenzie and Miller were stuck. 

Well Nikki Williams was not going to allow McKenzie and Miller be blamed for this matter when Tonja was part of the last four years and more as well.   She turned the questions back at Tonja and thereafter Ms. Brown stayed silent.

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