Stacy must Leave Now before she causes more chaos and disruptions – Walter it’s time you quit being a politician and do what is right for the people

Now we know Stacy Tebo was a contract employee until she immediately upon starting as White Spring’s Town Manager elected to breach her contract in so many ways.  As far as most of us are concerned she should be considered an “at will” employee at this point. However Ms. Tebo feels secure that she has a contract and she gave notice of 30 days in accordance with that contract which we all know she has breached which would mean she should be fired. But to do so will place the Town in jeopardy.

But then we would have to go though her wishing her 13 weeks of severance and we would have to go through the courts to prove how she breached her contract and try to explain why when she breached her contract no notices were given to her and contracts kept being renewed by the Gang of Three Council members.

As an at will employee, an employer can fire you and stop paying you immediately after you give notice because an employer has the right to terminate at will employees at any time for no reason. Unfortunately because White Springs has done nothing to make employees tow the line, thanks to Spencer Lofton and Rhett Bullard relating to Ms. Tebo’s poor performance, she most likely would be considered to have an employment contract and would be protected from being terminated.   Yet Many employers will stop short of firing an employee who resigns because when you’re fired, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits which an employee forfeits by quitting and we sure do not wish to be out of more money because of Tebo. She cost us enough with the Rivers situation, the Miller Situation, Paying an employee for two years when they couldn’t work; giving benefits to Greene such as the Fire SUV; getting rid of the only and best fire department we have ever had; purchasing an excavator and trailer which we did not need for $60,000; Not questioning the use of LOFT and making her job par-time with all the days she has taken off since she has started.

In most cases employers honor the notice given to them and Stacy Tebo obviously needs at least the 30 days pay, hoping her case in DeBary will provide her the big bucks. But it appears Ms. Tebo is doing what she can to antagonize the council and retaliating against those she dislikes and will not honor even a request for a meeting.   But what does one do?   By accepting her 30 day notice and not advising her that she had already breached her contract with the Town of White Springs, we are still stating she has a valid contract.   And, even though as far as I am concerned we owe her no future money and she should be fired as an at will employee, our Council did not handle the back channels so we are stuck with an intolerable employee who will do as much damage and raise as much havoc as she can until her final day.

What we need to do with our Attorney’s advice, is to pay Stacy Tebo for the 30 days notice and send her on her way back to Volusia County..   A police officer should be there when Tebo cleans out her office but let’s face it, our Council has allowed her to probably take whatever she has felt like taking behind those closed doors so the damage has already been done.  

This means that White Springs would be honoring the notice Ms. Tebo has given them and protecting the current council’s reputation. But the Town Council is stating that Ms. Tebo is no longer needed after the date when she submitted her resignation.  The Town is not firing Ms. Tebo after she gave notice of her intent to quit, but they don’t want or need Ms. Tebo, to continue working.  And the town will pay you for the time when you would have been working, even though the Town is not obligated to do so since Tebo’s contract has been breached.  But because of the prior year councilors many errors in the matter in continuing Ms. Tebo’s employment, the Town will obligate themselves to pay Ms. Tebo to be rid of her impunity and defiance.

It isn’t as if Tebo will retain the services of a town manager by her departure and she certainly is not avoiding disruptions or burdens to the Town Council or other staff..

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