Spencer Lofton did not receive credit for some other actions which forever shall remain in our hearts.

We realize the Fake News did not credit, Spencer Lofton with some amazing associations and activities, and that would not be fair.

One amazing person he brought into our life was his and Lisa’s friend, Be Faithful Coker. Ms. Coker along with Lofton and Bullard threatened Helen Miller when Helen was kind enough to secure a “Grant on behalf of Ms. Coker. Like most grants, nothing is guaranteed and Ms. Coker received $10,000 rather than the $13,000 she asked for so she attended a meeting threatened Walter McKenzie as well and was given $3,000 by Rhett Bullard, Spencer Lofton and Tonja Brown. There was no reason she should have been given the money and she would not even apprise us whether White Springs Children were able to attend. Then to ascertain that she ruined future grants for the Children of White Springs, she kept calling the Donor, Calder and since his funding company would give no more in grants, he gave her an additional $3,000 of his own personal money but she, Ms. Coker, never gave $3,000 back but kept it all and celebrated with the Loftons.

Then Lofton lied to the Towns people, mainly the females who adored him. saying he could get the South Hamilton Elementary property for a $1.00 in lease payments and that anyone who was a tenant of the building would pay for the some $3. million in repairs and in water. It was embarrassing to say the least especially when he stated “what law requires us to provide insurance”

Lofton accredited Stacy Tebo as being the best manager White Springs has ever had because of all the grants she secured and we were awarded. The problem is, we cannot afford our contributory amount and the Town was run into the financial abyss so there is no extra money to spare and now Helen Miller, Tom Moore and Walter McKenzie have to make cuts and sell inventory to stay afloat.

The Two wood cutters were removed from the DeLegal building as well as other equipment admittedly by Arthur Natteal his, Spencer’s , good friend, so that when winter came, Miller had to look for a used woodcutter and thankfully Louie Goodin was kind enough to give the Millers his so people could stay warm.

Then there was the situation with John Davis, a fine young police officer who undertook Code enforcement. With Tonja Brown micromanaging him and requiring something done at the trailer park he lived in, Davis refused. Upon Davis coming back from his leave for the birth of his child, he was fired as a police officer which had nothing to do with the problem at hand. We know this was recently investigated by an inspector from the Commission on Ethics.. This is an excellent retaliation claim, John, and as far as I am concerned when Spencer Lofton got involved and did nothing to save your job, you should have sued the Town and you would have won.

There is so much more that Lofton did for the Town in the darkness, feeling he was the top dog negotiator for various contracts like the Fire Contract when in essence he should have done something about our lack of a fire department.

Joe and I as well as Tom Brazil will always have fond memories of being manacled and brought out of meetings by the police officers. All free speech was taken away and Mr. Lofton made it his decision how each citizen should act in a council meeting setting.

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