At tonight’s meeting Spencer lied to the town by saying he was still negotiating with the School Board to take possession of the Buildings that are the former South Hamilton Elementary School (SHE). He lied. The school board in documents received  last week have left the bargaining table. Not only is he not in negotiations with the school board he is in violation of the Sunshine Law by having his negotiations. He must be playing with himself if he thinks the school board is negotiating with him for the Town of White Springs.

Spencer also LIED tonight by saying that I called him a NIGGAR in all of the worst senses of the word.  I welcome being called a racist if it means I called his worthless ass worthless. He is  but I have never said that. I did say he was a lying worthless BLACK MAN, WHICH HE IS. He takes great pride in being a Black man and yet he behaves like a Plantation owner, which he is not.

I am going to St. Louis to get his military record. Rules have it that someone who is an E-5 can’t stay in the military more than 10 perhaps 12 years. In other words HE GOT FIRED by Uncle Sam. he is worthless. And rumor has it that he got fired from three AFJROTC instructor positions because he couldn’t keep his penis in his pants with the young girls. WORTHLESS. You voted him on the Council and the Council voted him in as Mayor. Shame on you.

I stand ready willing and able to defend myself either in a court of law or in a fisticuffs match if he was man enough, which he is not, to enter into such an arena. Name the time and place. You worthless toad.

Joe Griffin

Anxious to beat the living crap out of the worthless Blackman. In the Florida Stand Your Ground Law, if he throws the first punch I can eliminate him from the earth. Bye Bye Asshole.



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