Some of you can say our comments about Tebo are vile but if you went through what some of us have gone through, Your language would not be held back either. She is a vindictive witch

   “Me” says Tebo has shown herself to be very vindictive as evident by her forcing the fire department to resign, her lawsuit against her prior employer and her wimpering, whining blame everyone resignation letter. The council needs to get rid of her now and supervise her as she packs her office. She is bitter and she is not going to quietly leave. There is no doubt she will leave the paperwork a mess and do whatever else that she can to make things chaotic once she is gone.

I wrote my reply on “TEBO SHOULD GO NOW” before I read this post. How funny that we said very similar things about her. To add one more thing.. Tebo and her friends did not like Mr Pittman because he and the other firefighters wanted Andrew Greene gone. For many valid and well documented reasons. Which I believe must be very obvious the the citizens of White Springs by now.

Fuck tebo that stupid bitch she is a worthless bitch who should be flipping burgers at burger king. She should never be allowed to work in government ever again. And for her little bitch of a boyfriend he can go fuck himself and stay out of white springs business.  Just because he is a fucking moron for dating this bitch just goes to show how fucking stupid he is. Bye bye Stacey.  Get the fuck out of town and stay the fuck out of town you sorry ass bitch.

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