Reading Spencer’s Resignation letter was like going to church here in town. He professed reliance on the Lord’s bounty and how he was especially singled out for such benefits. Yet, my experience with Spencer was that he behaved in his day to day life completely contrary to a man or woman of God. I too have been blessed because several times I’ve found an actual believer who spoke to God. I went with him as often as I could to speak to and with him. I spoke to Henry and Pat and Charlene not because I too spoke to God but simply because they did and I could speak to them and learn about the magnificence and requirements that each used to meet the Lord on HIS terms. Spencer is a far cry from my three friends, each very HOLY in their own way.

It got me thinking about other White Springs residents who act and speak as if they are God’s true Disciples. One named jumped to mind and it was Arthur Natteal. He makes his “living” by “Spreading the Word”, vis his Radio Station but his private life is just like Spencer’s, full of the appearance of unlawful behavior and outright Ethical Violations.

The Scriptures says Give unto the Lord what is the Lord’s but give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s (government). I don’t know and don’t care how much Arthur gives to his ministry or any ministry for that matter. What I found out in researching this alleged “Man of God” is surprising even to me. Did you know that Arthur owns 17 acers of Land, in Sumter County rich fertile farm land, that he didn’t, as far as I can determine, disclose that to the Section 8 housing which he occupies. Why doesn’t he live there and till God’s green earth.

The requirements for income is $24,000 per year (maximum) to live in the Apartments. This land in Sumter County is near the Villages retirement group and is thus worth more than the price of rice in China. According to two real estate brokers the land should rent for over $24,000 per year. That’s $2000 a month and so $117.60 per month per acre. What a pile of Hooey. He’s hiding his income if my data is right.Yet what do you bet he doesn’t claim the income on his Section 8 paperwork. If true he is not qualified to live at the Apartments because he makes too much money. Yet there he is living on the Taxes of others while real live needy people can’t get into the apartments. Some man of God.

NO telling what other lies he has told to get special favors. I heard that he threatened to leave town if Spencer did. Good riddance to both of these liars and thieves, if my figures about Arthur are correct and my story about Spencer is correct because of the Open Government Laws he broke while mayor or a Council member they both don’t deserve our adulation. One of the multitude of things we need in White Springs is honest leaders and citizens. Neither of these two stand up African American citizens were or are. Both have proved to me that they are liars and thieves. But they are unwilling or incapable of “crawling” up on a Cross to die with the savior.

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