Response to Phantom

You damn right
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Hey phantom why dont you have the balls to use your real name if your going to call me out you worthless shit stain yes you are 100% correct i flipped her off every chance i got i have no respect i dont give two flying shit about tebo she is nothing but a shit stirring rude unprofessional nasty person that is my personal opinion if you don’t like it i could give a shit. You think you are some kind of badass hiding behind a fake name you an all the rest of the fucks who used my name or hinted to me dont have the balls to say a word to my face for fear that i would do something which i wont because i am smarter then that. I know you would be to much of a coward an call the cops. But feel free to stop by my house obviously you know where its at so drop by one afternoon an tell me what you got to say. O an btw i am not at work while im writing this no need to call an make more false accusation against me like you all have done 5 times now.. step up or shut up phantom of the shitty no balls Opera.

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