Poor Mayor Lofty doesn’t believe he is an N Word.

Poor Poor Mayor Lofty with all the lies and crap that comes out of his mouth, it could make most people regurgitate especially if one eats before a council meeting.
So I guess from the rumbling Poor Poor Lofty was so upset that I left the meeting saying”Screw You Too”…because there was a 12 year old child present who wished to be a police officer.  I agree it is a wonderful vocation but following another person who is much like Mayor Lofty, meaning Rodriquenz who spews lies and doesn’t do her job, puts her in the same position as Mayor Lofty.  Worthless and Ignorant.
So then I guess Mayor Lofty brought up the fact that Joe called him an “N” word.  And I understand there was something about that and it was because of all the Lies and corruption that comes out  of Mayor Lofty.  I would be surprised if he ever told the truth.  But I wanted to see what others had to say.  And the following comment fits Mayor lofty as to why he is called a N1%%er.


The “N” word, I believe, was originally used in a derogotory sense toward any ignorant person. When there were slaves in the US, the slave owners (mainly white families) started to use the word against their slaves. The word just stuck. It’s considered extremely rude because when it first came into use it was used to describe somebody who was ignorant, stupid, good for nothing other than manual labor. (And boy is that Mayor Lofty after screwing up this town even worse) In the end, it just turned into a racist, bigoted term that is looked upon as derogatory and condescending. In other words, no it is not just another word for African American. Whoever told you that was seriously mistaken and probably missing a few thousand brain cells.


Another view:


A term that is racist, as long as the speaker of it is not black. Forbidden on most all of television and other forms of public entertainment, at times referenced to as the “n-word”. Used as a disparaging term for a member of any dark-skinned people!!!  This latter part of which I do not agree because in my opinion, we have a white N on the council as well.

No Mayor Lofty, I now have to agree with Joe because in your case it has noting to do with your skin color but more about who you are. If the N words means that you are ignorant, stupid, good for nothing other than manual labor, then you  are an N word. .


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