Our hands are clean, do your thing White Springs

In my opinion, this Tommie Jerome Jones Scenario, gave me a clear perspective of what is going on and why the Town of White Springs will always remain in financial arrears and considered corrupt by the outside world. We have found out that what is important in this Town are not qualifications but that more blacks be hired and elected.  

Although Joe and I would have still fought for the same results in the last four years, the resignation of Stacy Tebo and adding Anita Rivers to the Council were my last wishes   I then looked for Helen Miller to lead us to a better White Springs and all Joe and I would have to do is report all findings to the public on our blog.   I still am unhappy that nothing has been done with bringing back our former firefighters and Kevin Pittman but it is obvious the council does not wish to hear from us…so there you have it. And they obviously will do nothing further about it which is sad.

Initially we ourselves were hoping the Town would hire Tommie Jones because of his experience as relayed to us. At that time we talked to him to see if he would be interested in both the Town Manager and the sewer and water position. He said he could easily pass the latter but the former was a bit political for him. I guess that changed.

We had no knowledge of his background other than he was a hometown boy with lots of experience and was closed to getting his MPA.   What we did not know is that he was ultimately some sort of plant who would twist and turn the truth about us for his benefit.  After all I stood there with Joe and offered Tommie my assistance with accounting, something I am quite good with and have had the necessary training also in finance.   But we learned the Truth.  The night Joe Talked to him about the co manager situation was not the night he was nominated and he surely was not bribed.  He apparently can lie about us but he could not speak his mind to Joe and say, I have it handled and don’t need your help?   We would have left it but Tommie had another plan and that was to ad lib what happened and try to make Joe look poorly which is nothing new.  It’s sad to say we are getting used to being beat up and are getting stronger as a result. Furthermore I too offered my help so he could get on his feet faster and assist in the event others quit and there was no one for a week or two to help.   We have always known the Town disliked us and it is based on an abundance of lies and hate for which I have no idea why.  I have seen how good Joe is with people and when we are outside of White Springs, people seem to gravitate toward him and like him immensely.  But not here and it is quite likely a racist thing.

Nevertheless we now know that Anita Rivers has had no real respect for us even though we have continually fought for her; we now know from Nicole Williams that all information filtered to us was to help their platform. And that she will do anything to spew hate against us. And, since we investigate before placing anything on that they have asked us to do, we know that we have brought forth their word because we believe in it.  If we did not, like in the case of being asked to write something splendid about Tracy Rodriquenz, I could not do that.  Tracy has lied too much and Nicole should realize that Tracy lied not only at our depositions but at Anita’s and Helen’s hearings.   

But now we realize that our Mayor and her friends Anita, Tommie and Nicole were considerate to us only because they wished to use our blog, to secure information and to get assistance in getting Stacy removed as manager.  That’s okay because after all Stacy took us down the rabbit hole to bankruptcy and it certainly will take a lot of work to get us out of this hole, but now we know our help is not needed even if we have the background and education to give that help until someone is hired permanently.  And it was not because we needed some kind of acknowledgment by the Town.  We already know that so many lies have been spun about us that we will never get our reputations back in  White springs but because of our former careers, we have always received accolades from our previous associates and higher ups as well as from instructors and those whom we instructed, so we do not need the hassle anymore of our attempting to help this town. 

It’s funny, when Tommie came back to White Springs, he was looking for work or that is what he said he wished but when he interviewed with the Council he advised them that Broward County gave him $10,000 twice to get him back. I’ve never heard of a government entity giving out such bonuses. I know I have received those kinds of bonuses in the private sector but never had I ever heard the Government sector gave that type of money out to a retiree so Tommie is not only experienced but rich. Good for him.

You all obviously have it in your power to do everything which is necessary and if you don’t you can pay thousands of dollars more when Joe and I would have assisted for just a short time for free. But after all your comments, that isn’t ever going to happen and as far as I am concerned, this town can remain disorganized.

But let’s face it, we did not know that Tommie Jones knows everything; that he has accounting and finance; that he has law, that he has human resource experience and understands all Sunshine laws; that he can not only handle his management job but the water and sewer aspects of the job without being licensed; that he can secure the necessary financing so he won’t need money from other sources for the Sewer and Water rehabilitation’s;  he can make our computers five times faster than they are now…I guess he will get someone speedy to input the information in those computers and he will replace our IT because he has years of IT experience and working with Staff from Russia and from other parts of the world.  After all even if Staff does not like the job they have, he said he will retrain them and maybe a miracle can happen so staff likes their job. He will be amazing and who cares if he has a very interesting record. Even though he cannot be elected to the council, he has the ability to rule the council via a Town Manager position. After all, it only matters that he is “Black” and what is funny is that I never saw his color initially but emulated with him. Boy am I an idiot. I guess it is time that I got into the grove.

 It was the Council’s call and I am rather thrilled that Joe and I no longer have to look out for you all because you have everything handled and need no one’s help or financial resources.   We understand from Nikki that now that you have what you want, you do not wish for our comments or our help which actually is great. You all can do a great job yourselves.  Your desire to be free of the Griffins was further evident by my dismissals in at least two meetings/workshops.  I believe I was the only one silenced and all I wanted to add was some good news.   Oh well. 

Again we thank you.  We will still report on the blog and allow those who wish to comment to do so.  Our blog is fair and balanced and we have nothing to hide.

Karin for the blog

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