Oops Born and Raised corrected me

Karin A. Griffin
In reply to BornandRaised.I didn’t know but I understand from our Town Manager that they are all unkempt so obviously your son Andrew did not do a good job. Specifically the Manager spoke about the gears leaking and how dirty the water plant is. So thank you for correcting me that it is the water plant and your son didn’t do such a good job apparently. Karin for the blog Oh and by the way, I am a Republican and a deplorable and proud of it.USHOULDN’T OUR WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT AT LEAST LAST 20 YEARS BUT NO IT IS SHOTView Post22 comments2019/10/30 at 11:43 pm0
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Just as the democrat started out wrong in this article and ended correctly. You to are wrong! The plant which was constructed on County Road 135 (Wood Pecker Rt) Is a Water plant and water tower! Not waste water! Stop talking out of your ass!!!!

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