Okay Who stole the Videos from Rhett? Is a mystery unfolding?

Let’s try and investigate who may have taken the goods from sweet ole Rhett since there is much skepticism and rumors in town


We know it had to be someone who knew Rhett and knew where his stash of videos were located.


We know that neither Johnny nor Bob would have taken these items because all they would have to do is ask Rhett and he would provide.  in fact they may have their own stash.


But there is another on the list with videos taken of him, and it is not  a juvenile who dared to burglarize Rhett’s home


It is someone who has time on their hands and knows Rhett’s habits and when he will not be home.


The last Juvenile was threatened to silence and Rhett’s computer was returned


So who had the most to gain?


I’m certain our fire marshal  would never like his father or his bride to know that he was involved in illicit sex with the cousins


With all the publicity on the blog, I am sure he had to do some fast talking to one or both, but probably denied the situation


Maybe his bride would believe whatever our fire marshal  would tell her, but his dad was in law enforcement.


His dad has learned far too much to place his son in high esteem (i.e. his shortcomings as a firefighter, The Marshal lying about his handling the backhoe  operation at the sink hole and only God knows how many more lies have been spewed.


The Chief as well has covered for the Marshal and it makes one wonder what the Chief did as well in the illicit sex parties.


Do you think that since he destroyed the evidence on Cousin Bobby, so Cousin Bobby could go free, that possibly he had THE experience in getting rid of the evidence?


Since we know his cousin did a lot of his dirty work, like throwing firecrackers at our house and killing a goat in order to help his cousin Fire Marshall, what is being said could be true.


Maybe Daddy and the little Fire Marshall or cousin elected to smash the window instead of cutting the glass with A CUTTER AND TAPING IT SECURE.


Then someone had to reach in and unlock the door by placing his arm through the shattered glass, unfortunately leaving blood or DNA


And there is a nurse at the Fire Marshal’s home who could patch up the one who was cut, without anyone’s knowledge.


And since the Rhett would not believe one of his closest who he has given him so much while still holding ON TO the tapes aS bribery, stealing the tapes by the Fire Marshall or his relatives would be a win win situation.

Rhett would no longer be able to keep the Fire Marshall in line and the Fire Marshall would still be able to keep his “Cush” job and be paid a lot of money for not working.


Makes a lot of sense to not only me but a few others around town.



Karin for the blog

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