Not only are the firefighters harassed but Lofty and extortionist Bea Faithful are harassing the man who gave money for your children’s programs

What I have heard today, makes me sick.  I do not know how someone like Spencer Lofton ever got elected in White Springs, except for the Color of his skin. He never made it in the Military and got fired from numerous jobs.  He thinks so highly of himself that he feels he is invincible and what is funny is the Photo he has chosen, speaks for itself.  You cannot imagine the people who have laughed at the manner in which he posed, including those who daily read the blog from DeBary.  At least, if someone says DeBary has problems, they can refer them to our blog.


 First we have good old Steve Stith who is so  low down and doesn’t even realize he is the problem no one will work for him, who contacts the employers of previous firefighters spewing lies.
Now we have good ole Mayor Lofty and his best Extortionist Friend Bea Faithful Coker threatening and harassing a very wonderful man who provided funds to White Springs for the Children under a Grant.  Of course these two are sue and harassment crazy so they ignore the fact that what was entered into by Bea Coker, was not a promise nor was it some kind of contract, which she herself broke insofar as to the Grant’s usage when she changed what Calder instructed through Miller.   We know that is how Lofty became Mayor in the first place.  He and Bea cooked up a sinister plot to get Helen Miller off the council AGAIN.  And it had to play out that the Town would pay the $3,000 to Bea Coker.  What the Heck, it’s only your money.  Right?


These two idiots, Lofty and Coker, don’t seem to understand what the term “Grant” means or most likely, both were trying to ignore its meaning since this is a Donor Advised Trust where Dr. Calder may only suggest but J.P. Morgan decides .  And they then can blame Miller for everything.  If we apply for a CDBG for $600,000 which we do or did and we don’t get it, are we going to threaten or extort the State of Florida.  Their butts would be in a sling and I can’t imagine how fast they both would be arrested and sent to jail for extortion.


Joe is still attempting to secure the so called “contract” that Lofty said Miller signed and to date all we received were the memorandums which we have placed on the blog, all stipulating “Grant”.  But  Lofty’s ego needs the title “Mayor” since he has no means of support other than the small amount he collects as a councilor, and that his wife has always provided for him and his family.   Well after seven weeks, Joe is more than irritated and we will be going to Town Hall for this so called contract mentioned at the meeting or the Staff specifically Tomlinson or Tebo will have to write “no such document”   We’ve asked a police officer be present as well. But Lofty is so dumb, he probably does not even know the difference between a grant and a contract because he certainly knows nothing about the law..


Unfortunately I took him at his word, which I should have known better not to do, at that meeting in August.  Subsequently two ladies who I thought of as friends, never provided me with the memos, even though one promised and the other raised hell with Joe and I for what I wrote and what the newspaper also would have reported..  I cannot print what I do not have ladies so if you want the truth published or a contrary statement to what transpired, you have to assist and not blame us for not receiving the information.  Unlike the Gang of Three, I see no reason to lie.  I have a conscious due to my religious background (Catholic and Jewish) and I don’t know which works on a conscious worse.


Anyway the reason for this memo is to advise all concerned how no deed goes unpunished.  Mayor Lofty and his friend Bea Coker, the extortionist, are continually harassing Dr. Calder.  Never once did Miller receive any thanks for the money Dr. Calder provided for the Children of White Springs.  Instead, everyone complained when Lofton had taken over the H.O.P.E. program about Helen.  They felt she had the audacity to ask people to volunteer when “her friends” were paid highly and the program ran out of money.  What I did not know at the time is the fact that both Loftons essentially embezzled all the money they could for themselves through nepotism with little work done and left the program bare before Miller got rid of Lofty.


Just to remind you how kind and thoughtful this Benefactor is and how he felt about Miller, here is his letter:
H.B. Calder, Ph.D.
Henderson, Nevada 
26 June 2017
Letters to the Editor
The Jasper News
P.O. Box 370
Live Oak, FL 32064
Dear Editor,
I am writing concerning an article entitled “White Springs council votes to declare Miller seat forfeited” which appears in your 22 June edition and subsequently appeared on your website.  Since the actions discussed predominately concern funds which I provided, I believe it appropriate to provide my insights.
I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Dr. Helen Miller for nearly twenty-five years.  While in Ann Arbor, Michigan she maintained full-time employment; volunteered in the City to plan, fund and implement a wide range of infrastructure projects oriented towards improving public safety, and served as president of the Ann Arbor Huron High School Athletic Booster Club, working throughout the entire public school system to restructure and expand girls and boys athletic programs, implement fund raising programs contributing in excess of $500,000 annually to pay for sports activities, infrastructure shortfalls, awards events and more and to implement a school system-wide alcohol and drug diversion program (which subsequently was deployed State-wide, including the University of Michigan).
When Dr. Miller retired to Florida she recognized the needs of White Springs’ youth and decided to bring her experience and expertise to the challenge.  Working with church groups and community leaders, one of her first activities was to put in place a summer program.  Though I personally have no ties to White Springs, I gladly offered to help fund these efforts through my Charitable Giving Fund because I felt that the programs would impact the lives of young people and because I knew that Dr. Miller would be successful.  Between 2010 and 2015, I contributed $134,500 directly to the city of White Springs for the purpose of supporting the Project HOPE and the summer activities for the youth of White Springs.  In 2016 , I contributed an additional $15,000 to the Hamilton County School District for the exclusive benefit of White Springs youth/Project Hope.  In this regard I provided funds to be spent at the exclusive direction of Dr. Miller for any general expenditure she deemed appropriate to facilitate her summer, or other programs; a provision agreed to by the White Springs Town Council in 2010.  I visited White Springs several times and  observed first-hand the ongoing activities, I was impressed with the activities and continued my funding on an annual basis.
I have known Dr. Helen Miller to provide nothing less than the highest quality work at the highest level of integrity.  The expenditures made with funds provided by my contributions were proper and well within the grant guidelines.  I am proud of the results that Dr. Miller’s tireless efforts have achieved for the White Spring’s community and for its youths.
H.B. Calder, Ph.D.
 It is time all of you stuck up for what is Right.  Lofty needs to be recalled; Miller needs to be supported; and unfortunately, if Dr. Calder won’t charge these extortionists due to an attorney costing more than the $3,000 itself, it would be well that those with Children thank Dr. Calder through Dr. Helen Miller.  The Town’s officials will do nothing for you except spend money for Rhett Bullard’s “Boy-Toys” and whether or not you believe that, apparently the majority of people on the East side of Mill Street, know the facts.


Karin for the blog

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