Who ever heard of a person getting a supervisors position in an organization without an application? Tommie Jerome Jones, here after “TJJ” has never filled out an application. Here to before we, as a Town, have denied applicants for not filling out an application. Then there was the case of Tim Day, a more than qualified applicant who went through a Complete Background Check by Helen Miller, who was mayor at the time. His sin was that he had an issue when trying to take custody of his ailing father and the School Board and the Sheriff didn’t like that. It was not criminal but civil in nature. TJJ problems are criminal yet he gets hired and Tim Day doesn’t, go figure. Tim Day is white and TJJ is black. So therefore he, TJJ, doesn’t have to go through a background check. Talk about Racist.

This town is full of shit. TJJ is full of shit. Why can’t he fill out an application? Simply because the application has to LIE again to properly fill out his application. It questions whether he ever was convicted of a Felony and/or a first degree misdemeanor. We know about a dual felony but we don’t know yet about any first degree misdemeanors that the Clerk of the Court in Miami/Dade County is researching for us.

That should tell you all you need to know about TJJ’s character. It should tell you all you need to know about Helen’s character. What the hell, it is only another lie perpetrated by the King of Liars and his get out of jail free card writer, Helen Miller. It makes my fanny want a dip of Red Rooster Snuff. He’s apparently LIED again, depending on what the Clerk of the Court tells us. Such is the case of White Springs. Don’t fill out an application, don’t tell the truth. Count on others to complain about the messengers, Karin and me, and most of all put the town in a bind.

One other thing. TJJ said he would work for free. Yet when I called the office at 2:10 today he was not around. This according to Yvonne is because his work day, 10 until 2 had ended. Why doesn’t he just fill out the application? Because if he lies on his application he loses his job and violates Florida Statutes 112,313, and 838.022 (criminal) falsifying a public document. What the hell, no body can expect him to tell the truth because he is Black.

Please explain to me why TJJ doesn’t have to fill out an application simply because he is Black.


  1. Because he was recommended by the stellar former employee, Anita. Because, in my opinion, Anita and Helen had to get their revenge on Stacy for having the guts to do what was RIGHT. Regardless of what some may think or say, Stacy did what had to be done, even knowing it wasn’t going to be popular. She is not perfect, but she tried hard to do what was necessary for the good of the town, all while enduring a storm that she should not have. i.e. being called a whore, a drug addict, hollered at and called vulgar names by someone who lives by town hall, flipped off by him when he would drive by her, multiple absolute lies told about her, stalked, totally ridiculed during meetings, etc.

    Now, White Springs deserves exactly what they have gotten. You wanted her gone so deal with what you now have. I have seen TJJ’s criminal history. Wow, something for White Springs to be proud of. Congratulations to Helen. She got her revenge on Stacy. And, all at the citizens expense of future suffering. But, what does it matter? It’s what she and Anita want that counts.

    Yes, she called Helen Miller a rogue Council Member. Was that worse than what you have said about her in the past on your blog? There was good reason Stacy called Helen out for her actions. But, how dare anyone have the gumption to call out the great Helen Miller! The real truth has yet to be exposed and may never be.

    Congrats to y’all also. You got the Camel Club elected to the Council and didn’t even realize it. And, they used you the whole time while laughing and making fun of you behind your back. I actually thought you were smarter than that.

    At least Stacy can hold her head up high and leave with dignity.

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