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Dear Trump News Reader,

If you gave this script to Hollywood, the producers would laugh you out of the room.

“It could never happen, it’s too unbelievable!” they’d say.

Well, here we are.

The Democrats just acted like a pack of vicious dogs with this whole Kavanaugh “crisis.”

And then Hillary interjected and urged her fellow Democrats to go on the attack — as she put it, we “cannot be civil.”

And Eric Holder, once the top law enforcement officer under Obama, chimed in.

He urged his fellow Democrats to “kick them” — Republicans and Trump supporters.

Clearly, they are in a frenzy.

They are seeking to destroy and annihilate Trump and anyone associated with him.

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Uh oh.

This is surprising.

Trump’s Playing Chicken
Matthew Benjamin, Editorial Director, The Oxford Club
Matthew Benjamin

It’s official: Trump is going to play chicken with the Iranians and their oil business.

But it’s not just Iran.

It’s anyone caught with too much oil on their hands after November 4.

The Hill confirmed on Monday:

“Countries will have to reduce their Iranian oil imports by more than 20%.”
– The Hill, October 22, 2018

Because of this, Iran is expected to cut production by two-thirds!

This could be a watershed moment for oil.

A shortage of oil could trigger the most profitable trade of 2018.

Just make sure you take a look at this before November 4.

Good investing,


P.S. November 4 is less than two weeks away. So at the very minimum, take a look at the stocks that exploded the last time oil shortages caused a price squeeze. Small cap oil stocks can launch 1,000% or more on a price move in oil.

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