I just got off of the phone with a couple of Council members one who wanted to know what I found and the other, already knowing about what I found and voted for him anyway, The reason, I believe, that Helen didn’t allow audience participation is that she was afraid of the truth, whether she knew it or not.

We’ve got to hire the best and the brightest. Tommie Jerome Jones is the best IT guy I know. Make him the IT guy. But having a liar, he told me directly, is just like dealing with Stacy and Rhett. I hate liars and I have a bully pulpit, this blog, to voice my opinion. And I will. When Anita was trying to become Town Receptionist we discovered that more than half of her prior employers wouldn’t hire her again. She didn’t fight that truth telling then. I hope she doesn’t fight this truth-telling now.

I fail to understand why Tommie Jerome Jones didn’t fess up to his mistakes. But he didn’t. I will not be responsible for someone else’s mistakes or the lies they tell. Hire the best and the brightest and we won’t have this argument. All he had to do was say “YES” but he said “NO”. That to me brings all of the past into the present. Tommie Jerome Jones is the best and the brightest IT guy I know. Why not hire him for that position and hire a temporary replacement for the consummate liar Stacy, and her lying dog best friend Rhett. I say hire someone who doesn’t lie under pressure. This halfway getting to the truth won’t help White Springs one bit. It smacks of COVER -UP and I won’t tolerate it any more.

Tell the truth and beware that I and my bully pulpit are always there. Open honest government is a wonderful beautiful thing and if LIARS are caught in a lie, blame it on Open Government. It is the touchstone of my beliefs and White Springs has now hired someone who, apparently, is no better than Stacy or Rhett with telling the truth and the whole truth. I hate to say that but it is how I believe.

Hire the BEST and the BRIGHTEST and don’t shoot the messenger, PLEASE

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