Me’s assessment of Pam and Tebo

Everyone does fully understand that Pam writes the checks
correct? Any misdeeds that Miss Tebo was involved in could only have happened with Pam’s help or at the very least Pam turning a blind eye to it. Two little peas in a pod!

Miss Tebo received such a low evaluation because she did not do her job! It is really that simple. Although she did not refuse to call Mr Pittman as suggested by the council, she never did call, Then the constant debate and excuses about the budget. All Miss Tebo had to do was her job that she was hired to do. Not get involved with picking sides and trying to undermine people who truly were and are working to help the citizens of White Springs.

As for what is needed or wished for in a new Town Manager? Easy. Someone who is honest. Someone who actually does their job with a good attitude about it. Here is a thought.. A town manager that shows up to town events in order to show support for the town that employs them. Last but not least a Town manager that actually likes the town and the people in it, They do not have to be new best friends forever with all 800 of us but it would be nice to make some type of effort to be part of the community. How can a town manager do what is best for the community if they never try to be a part of it?

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