“Me” speaks on Mr.Proctor and Anonymous seconded it while many of us are still scratching our heads

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I’m sure that Mr Proctor is a very nice person. However, it is my understanding that he was already on the White Springs fire department roster prior to being named Chief. If that is true then why did he never show up to any of the recent emergency calls? I believe that Ms. Tebo hiring him as fire Chief was her final slap in the face to the council and the citizens of White Springs. This is nothing personal against Mr. Proctor but he did not show up for calls just like Stith and Greene do not show up for calls. How is this some improvement? There must be some provision in place covering who is in charge of the hiring and over seeing of the Fire Department when we have no town manager. The council needs to use that provision and bring back our real fire department as well as firing Andrew Greene as the asst. fire chief for the vote of no confidence that our prior fire department presented to the council. I believe his not showing up for any calls in all of this time proves that he is not competent in that position. When are one of you going to pick up the phone and call Mr. Pittman?

My understanding also is that Proctor is a “Medic” so he is paid more than just for being an EMT Thus he may be on the job more and have no time to be Fire Chief since it was only Steve Stith that went for training. This is all a joke but one which is hurting the Citizens of White Springs.

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