“Me” responds to Stacy Tebo’s resignation letter

IS SHE KIDDING? The town council does not have the best interest of White Springs citizens at heart? Miss Tebo you single handedly destroyed our fire department! We in effect have not had fire department for how long? That was you looking out for the best interest of the community? Mayor Miller was more than polite to you, as was the rest of the council. They simply required that you account for monies spent and that you do your job. That is the composition of the council that changed! No one is letting you get away with anything now. If your staff has low morale then that is a direct reflection of your ability to manage them. I am sure that you have been a total ray of sunshine since you have had to answer to the council and Mayor Miller. As for our new fire chief it is very clear that you blindsided the poor guy! It was obvious by the answers he gave when Mayor Miller informed him of the issues at hand. Was that another example of you being a good steward?

This is one great article, Me. And you covered every point effectively!!!!

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