Let the Homeowners mow the berms – they do now

This is an area where I am going to ask you to be honest. When Kenny Hutcherson could no longer work, did you even notice that your berms were not mowed….and at the time, we didn’t even have the inmates.

It was known that Kenny when he could work was assisting the people of the Town rather than the Town and those landscaping items were handled by Woody Woodard, and Richard Marshall.

So now that we have established that no one misses the Town’s mowing of our berms, it makes me wonder why, even though the Town owns the land on the berms, we do not make it the responsibility of the homeowner. After all, homeowners park their cars on the berms, have guests park on the berms and some of us use the berms to entertain others. So if our lawn guys mow every two weeks including the berms, why not make an ordinance that the Town will no longer be responsible for mowing your berms unless by special request Since Ray Vaughn stated mowing is 50% of the job, this would be a great solution and subsequently The Town would be responsible for Highway 41 and mowing around light standards and businesses.

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