Joe responds to being called a child

Tebo didn’t start lying until she had been here about a year, Tommie Jerome Jones started early to get a heads up on the competition. We could have just as soon got a felon right out a prison to be town manager judging by Mr. Jones propensity for telling the truth and the whole truth. Every time I catch him in a lie I’ll point it out in my time under MR 19-03. Mr. Brazil, you are a fine man but don’t presume to lecture me on being a Child. I saw more of the worst of humankind in my three combat tours in SE Asia. Walk in my shoes for the 20 1/2 years I’ve tried, in artfully perhaps, to clean up White Springs. You say Tommie Jerome Jones is better than Tebo. Prove it, now. Or else shut the hell up. He is a liar, a thief, a fraud and a convicted Felon. Tebo wasn’t that bad. So we can get rid of him if we want to fight a discrimination lawsuit. He certainly is as bad a Tebo and I don’t need three months or even three days to figure it out.

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