Pam Tomlinson and her good friend Shirley Heath are probably the biggest liars one could ever meet and the sad part is these two ladies continually bring Christianity in play.   That is why I do not believe in those that continually profess Christianity like for instance Arthur Natteal because many of them are nothing but shysters.


Like Stacy Tebo who couldn’t hardly wait six months before looking for a job, it is obvious Pam Tomlinson likewise has not been happy working for the Town of White Springs.   What Ms. Tomlinson did to Anita Rivers was beyond the pale and for Stacy Tebo to allow such discrimination shows how horrid these two women are.   Fortunately Heath is not in the mix at this time as well.


If you have an unhappy employee, the obvious first step is to try and resolve the situation. But, we all know that sometimes, it’s simply time for an employee to move on, because they want something that the Town can’t offer them.  Pam Tomlinson has never had the education to be able to fulfill her duties and her handling of even clerical duties has much to be desired.  But apparently she is hanging in there trying to get the last cent that she can before someone forces her to retire. 

An employee who is unhappy will quickly drag others down with them. They are likely to show up late, miss meetings, mope around the office all day, and says negative things about the citizens or their coworkers.  And with two such people in Town Hall, I cannot imagine how Anita Rivers lasted as long as she did.   No wonder that it feels like dark heavy thick air that is trying to engulf you when walking into Town Hall.  It is the feeling of unhappiness and depression with all things negative expelling from these offices.   It even takes minutes for Pam Tomlinson to respond to a client if the Admin is not there.  She walks so slowly, that one hopes she will not die while she is enroute to the front desk because you do not wish to be the one giving the report.

In addition, it is highly unlikely that an unhappy employee strives to excel at work. Pam has provided White Springs quite a disservice with her slow prodding, smoking most of the day and barely moving to do any work during the day job.   Yet she would not allow anyone to attend classes other than herself because she knows even a moron would excel in the poor job Pam Tomlinson is doing.   So she protects her job.

The Town has allowed these unhappy employees linger on the team.far too long.  And it could be that our Town Council doesn’t have the experience to recognize a good employee from a bad employee.  But since you have been elected councilors by your constituents, it is time that you did what is right and handled your fiduciary duty and cleaned house on these poor employees.   Who cares if Pam Tomlinson has been there for years.  All it means is that there are more years to correct because she certainly is no genius when it comes to finance.  But if you can’t see it, councilors, you need help yourselves and need to discuss this with our attorney because there is no hope for you.

The next time you hear Pam say how she is not happy and how exhausted she is, it is time you tell her that you feel it’s time she consider moving on.  She’s younger than I am and acts about 20 years older…for God’s sake, we need someone who can finally understand accounting.   We don’t need an employee who spends most of their time smoking and vaping.

Now Stacy Tebo stated that she went from an “A Player” into the “B Player” slot in DeBary and stated that it doesn’t happen unless someone or something has caused the fall and she blamed Dan Parrott.  Yet here she is in White Springs and I do not recall her once becoming an A Player and she is barely a B Player.  Don’t you just love these liars who blame everyone else for their problems.

Someone needs to have an in-person, one-on-one, direct and heart-felt conversation with Pam Tomlinson as to why she is so unhappy but is refusing to retire. It is likewise important to begin the conversation by sharing your observations of her recent behavior and asking why the situation seems to be getting worse daily.

We need people who want to work for the Town of White Springs; whose duties which are assigned are welcomed and who wish to excel and succeed in their Government job.  We do not need crabby unhappy people who would rather be somewhere else than at Town Hall in White Springs.

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